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Race Preview: 2018 Elijah Bristow 24 Hour Run (Dexter, OR)

Have you even been on the OTHER side of the race line? The Elijah Bristow 24 Hour Run in Dexter, OR is a race that was founded by ultra runners who have experienced a 24 hour track run, and I can’t think of a better endorsement for an ultra race. If you’re going to be running all day (and maybe all night too, depending on the race,) it’s comforting to know that the race was planned by someone who’s been in those hot smelly shoes before you. This race, on June 16th, 2018 is a well-supported one with “gentle grades, river access, varied surface, and crazy good food.” That sounds like everything I’d ask for in an ultra run.

This is one of those races where you will be repeating the same loop over and over, but it won’t be on a boring old track. This race takes place at Elijah Bristow State Park. There’s a stretch along a river and most of it is takes place on a single track wide enough to host 2 runners abreast, though a small 150 yard portion of it is on pavement. Check out the course map here. Please note that the course is not certified, though it has been measured to the USATF standards.

Here’s how it works: Take off on your 24 hour journey on the 1.05 mile loop with your wrist chip in place to track your mileage.  This is 1 of 3 ways to keep track of how far you’ve gone, as there will also be a system with a numeric keypad at the timing area and an old-school paper chart where your laps can be checked off as you call out your number to the lap counters. There are 50K, 50M, 100K, and 100M markers on the course and you’ll be told when you reach these milestones. Pacing will only be allowed after 9:00PM, which is the 12 hour mark. Your total mileage will be tracked on a computer monitor and race officials will be happy to help you track any specific goals you have in regards to splits if you just let them know. Your distance will be recorded when the race is finished, and you even have the option of using a wooden marker to mark your ending position on the course and have it recorded by a course marshall.

You may see some horses out there on the course, so please be respectful. You should also be aware that cougars are occasionally spotted, but they tend to keep their distance during the commotion of a race.

What’s a runner without their crew? Crews are welcome on the course and the race organizers would love to have them help count laps if they want to be of any additional assistance. They are welcome to all the delicious food in the race kitchen as well as the runners and can make a donation if they choose to, as all proceeds will go to the Eugene to PCT Trail.

It gets cold at night, so make sure you and your crew have some warm clothes for when the sun goes down. If you feel you need to take a break to sleep, please let someone know so they don’t have to go look for you or call your emergency contact. If you decide to end your race early or need medical attention, please be sure to communicate this as well.

The best part of this race might be the food! The race food info can be found here. If there’s anything you’d like specifically, just ask! You can place an order at the beginning of a lap and every effort will be made to get it to you by the end of that lap. Talk about service!!! Please note that the grills are used for meat and eggs, so if this is an issue, email the race contact before race day. In the morning, there will be a delicious big breakfast for all the crew, volunteers, runners, and friends on the course.

Proceeds from this race, as previously mentioned, will help fund the Oregon State Parks Foundation and the Eugene to PCT Trail. Read more about the trail at the following link. This race is limited to 65 runners and includes a race shirt, so register now while there’s still room.


What: 2018 Elijah Bristow 24 Hour Run

When: June 16th, 2018 at 9:00AM . Gate opens at 7:00AM.

Where: Bristow State Park, Dexter, OR. Park in the gravel area beyond the “Race Participants Only” sign.

Register: Here 

Registration Cost: 24 hour run is $175, 12 hour run is $145, and 6 hour run is $105

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