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What Run Oregon is Wearing: GORE Windstopper Base Layer Sleeveless Shirt

I don’t think much about wind when I am running. I mean, I know it’s a factor when I run along the river or on certain blustery spring days. But overall, I just deal with it and tough through keeping my body warm with long sleeves. So I was a little ho-hum about trying out the GORE Windstopper Base Layer Sleeveless Shirt. Here’s a little description:

For cool to cold days, the addition of a GORE Windstopper Base Layer to your normal clothing set up will keep you warmer without adding bulky layers. Keeping sweat off your skin will keep you cool on the way up & prevent wind chill on the way down.

I took it out on a long run in Salem’s Minto Brown park – a location that sees a fair amount of wind during certain seasons. There is a lot of open space, as well as some routes right along the Willamette River – which always seems to be blustery. I found the fit to be pretty tight – however I think that may be by design. As this isn’t something that you would be wearing without an overshirt (though you probably could if you wanted to), a tight and secure fit means no extra pockets for wind to get through. I definitely wouldn’t size up, as the tightness wasn’t constricting or uncomfortable – just secure (and a catalyst for letting me know I need to lose some pounds in my gut.

But as far as performance goes, I was really quite surprised that I felt a difference. At times I was dealing with some pretty strong and steady gusts, and though I am generally fine with colder temperature runs, I know this run would have been on I would historically cut a little short due to the constant airy barrage cooling my body temperature down and wearing me out quicker. Though running into the wind for extended times was a challenge, I legitimately remember thinking that, while my face is cold, my core felt really nice. I ended up having no issues with finishing out a fully planned distance, despite the weather.

I have felt the same way over more runs and have continually been pleasantly surprised. Overall, this is a piece of apparel I didn’t really even know I needed. I think it would also work perfectly for other outdoor activities – like cycling – or even just being out and about in a windy location (looking at you Oregon Coast).

Company: GORE (Facebook)



  • Extra long back
  • GORE® WINDSTOPPER® insert on front, over shoulders and on kidney area
  • GORE® WINDSTOPPER® Technology: windproof, water resistant, highly breathable
  • Quick dry
  • Next-to-skin comfort
  • Minimized seams
  • Great moisture management
  • Thin and soft fabric
  • Reflective logo on front
  • Flat-lock seams


Thank you to GORE for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.


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