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Run Oregon is kickin’ it in the Hoka One One Cavu


I asked the running shoe gods for something cushioned, light and fast and they answered with the Hoka One One Cavu. If you have ever tried a Hoka One One shoe, you know they are unlike any other shoe out there. You will put them on and feel the rocking of the shoe almost teasing you start running. With their soft soles and thick bottoms, they look insanely comfy and they feel even better than they look.

I love my Hoka One One shoes and I will wear them in just about any circumstance but occasionally I want something with a little less rock and soft and a little more light and fly. That is exactly what the Cavu is. It has a lower profile and is a bit lighter than its Hoka One One friends but still offers a soft cushioned heel and a firm forefoot to help propel you forward. I took these out on the road to test them and immediately felt so quick and light as I ran. The upper of the shoe is super breathable and allows for my feet to stay cool and also reduces those sweaty feet friction points we runners often run into.

Running in Oregon means you are often going to hit wet and slick roads, a shoe cavu2that is able to handle that is necessary. I really pushed these shoes in that department. Along my running path I hit several flooded spots with about three to four inches of standing water. I plowed through the water with a layer of slick mud beneath it and my Cavu’s handled perfectly. After absolutely drenching the shoes, I was super pleased to not feel that heaviness of a wet shoe. They still felt light, breathable and still held the pavement as well as they did before.

Next, I took them for a spin on a multi-terrain trail. It started with pavement, hit a bit of gravel and ended on wooded trails. Although these aren’t trail shoes, they felt and performed fine for the trails I was on. Again, they kept my feet light and made me feel like I was flying.

My running friends would say I am super particular about my running shoes (as I feel all runners should be) because I often walk away from a run with pain, blood, or blisters. I am always super apprehensive about all running shoes that I try and am usually disappointed and in pain from some aspect. Since switching to Hoka One One’s I have been in love with my shoes. I don’t have the pain and discomfort every other shoe has caused me. When I got the Cavu to try, I was still a little nervous. The low profile made me worried that it would cause my usual forefoot pain, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that they delivered the same comfy ride as the other Hoka One One shoes. No pain, no blood, no blisters! That is a win in my book and so is the Hoka One One Cavu!

Company: Hoka One One

Products & Price: Women’s Cavu $110


  • Weight: 6.6oz
  • Heel Drop: 4MM
  • Stability: Neutral
  • Cushion: Responsive


HOKA ONE ONE was created with one goal in mind — make running easier. We do things differently, from the look of our shoes all the way to the technologies that make them possible. If you’ve ever worn a pair, you know what the HOKA difference feels like, but there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes.


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