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Run Oregon Wardrobe: Brooks Ghost Running Tank

Summer is not here, but spring is definitely upon us. With the change of the seasons comes warmer temperatures (finally) and the sun (sometimes). This leads to a gradual shift in the running wardrobe, tending towards less coverage, lighter weight and less restriction. Of course, we all have varying sensitivities to temperature, but I tend to enjoy tank tops for training and running once it gets close to fifty degrees. I have a couple in my ensemble, and the navy blue Ghost Running tank by Brooks has become my favorite. Priced at $36 on the Brooks site, it is great for training and racing.

My preference on running gear, especially in the warmer temperatures, is simplicity is key. The solid color looks great, bright enough to make the wearer obvious in traffic which is a ideal safety condition. Brooks logos are relatively small and blend in, so you don’t feel like a running billboard. They describe the cut as semi fitted, which is accurate. I have a fairly lean build and felt that it fit perfectly. Snug enough so that it wasn’t swinging around, even in the rain, but loose enough that it didn’t feel constrictive. The arm and neck holes were the perfect size, had no issues putting it on and chafing was nonexistent. Length was amenable to being tucked in or worn untucked. The material ensures it will keep you cool and dry even when temperatures climb.

In summary, Brooks hit the ball out of the park on this one. Ideal for any kind of workout, providing the temps are warm enough. It is a good fit for training or pinning a bib on for race days. The quality ensures that it will have many summers of use and the simplicity ensures it will never go out of style (if you worry about that sort of thing). With three varied colors to choose from (grey, acid green, and navy blue), finding a color that appeals should be as easy as running in it.

Company: Brooks Running

Product: Ghost Running Tank

Our lightest sweat-wicking tank, for men who want to stay cool on warm-weather runs.

Cost: $36 on the Brooks Running Site

Thank you to Brooks for providing us with a sample item. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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