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BeFree in your hydration with Katadyn Water Filters


The BeFree water filtration systems from Katadyn (winner of the Backpacker Editors’ Choice Award, Runner’s World Gear of the Year Award, and ISPO Gold Awards) are true to the name: water filtration with the freedom to not have to carry any external filters, chemicals, or batteries. Lightweight and compact, you have freedom to use that space for something else (or to enjoy the lack of weight).

Run Oregon tried out the 0.6L flask for running and the 3.0L system for backpacking and we fell in love with both. Coming in at 2 oz and 4 oz respectively, the weight and output of each (2 qt/min) were the icing on the cake. A few reviews report that the flask material is delicate and must be treated with care and while we don’t disagree and that’s a caveat of the lightweight material, I never thought twice about laying it on the ground, throwing it in my pack, rolling, squishing, or scrubbing it. I try to treat all my gear with care (particularly survival gear) and my water filter is no exception. I do, however, find it robust enough for it’s use case.

Both products (and the 3rd in the line, the 1.0L), are easy to use. It’s as simple as filling up the flask with “dirty” water, screwing on the cap with the built-in filter, and drinking straight through or squeezing to fill up other bottles for instantaneous clean water. The 3.0L also has a handle and a carry loop for easy filling and subsequently hanging at a campsite, etc. The 3.0L is the perfect size for 2-5 people on a backpacking trip.

Two cons of the 0.6L we found, however, was 1) the fit inside a running pack’s front vest pockets. Completely filled, the filter is just a bit too long. By strapping it down on the top initially (or just drinking it down some) made it fit perfectly, but it took some fine-tuning. 2) the snap cap keeps the bite valve clean, but it’s an extra step during a run! It’s either left open or requires a quick pop off before drinking.

With a filter life of 1,000 liters, we look forward to using our Katadyn filters on many adventures to come.

0.6L Quick Specs:
Dimensions (in): 9 x 3
Output: 2 quart/min
Technology: Hollow fiber filter 0.1 micron
Weight (oz): 2

1.0L Quick Specs:
Dimensions (in): 10 x 3
Output: 2 quart/min
Technology: Hollow fiber filter 0.1 micron
Weight (oz): 2

3.0L Quick Specs:

Dimensions (in): 10 x 0
Output: 2 quart/min
Technology: Hollow fiber filter 0.1 micron
Weight (oz): 4


More about Katadyn:

Katadyn is the Switzerland-based market leader for portable, personal water treatment systems and products for the outdoor and marine industries.

Under the guiding principle “Making water drinking water”, Katadyn develops and manufactures its portable water filters, desalinators and chemical disinfectants for camping, trekking or global journeys.

With Katadyn products, clean drinking water is a given even in remote corners of the globe. As functionally multipurpose as a Swiss army knife, the finely tuned product portfolio offers diverse and personal solutions for water treatment. Still made in Switzerland today, the product line ranges from water filters and tried-and-true Micropur tablets to the smallest manual desalinator for marine applications.

One thing all products have in common is our high standard of quality, reliability and easy operation. For that reason, many international aid organizations as well as the military rely on the survival aid and life-saving support from market leader Katadyn.

Thank you to Katadyn for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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