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TechSkin Compression Top

We recently stumbled upon RARR, a sportswear company based right here in PDX, when they were at a recent Oregon Brewery Running Series event. Their stuff looked great and we were thrilled that these guys were creating cool tech wear right in our backyard. They recently just launched their RARR TechSkin collection – fully functional items with some fresh new designs. The fabric is designed for the spring/fall seasons and would be great for runners!

The TechSkin Compression Shorts come in three funky design options – Aurora, Shattered Floral, and Urban Camo. The Aurora style I ordered is sort of a mish-mash of geometric shapes coupled with a red and blue color scheme. Even though these are worn under your running shorts, I still think it can be fun to have some vibe to your underwear items.

These are very comfortable (90% Polyester, 10% Spandex), provide ample stretch, and have the necessary qualities – moisture wicking and anti-microbial – that any good compression short should have. There is even a small pocket which works great for a key or some cards/cash when your running shorts don’t have pockets or you don’t want to run with a belt.

The TechSkin Compression Tights come in two color schemes – a sleek black with white on the knees, or a grey “urban” camo. I opted for the black version and couldn’t be happier. I’m not a huge tights-wearing runner, but these have been quite nice for the chilly and dry runs this winter. There are some reflective qualities in them, so even being black in color, they will work nicely for evening and night running. They seem to be constructed in the same manner as the Compression Shorts – just longer.

In both of the bottoms, they are built as full compression gear, and I think that their sizing feels true to size. I don’t like super tight compression, and the sizes I received in each were relatively tight, but not “second skin” tight. If you prefer a tighter compression, you could comfortably go one size down and I feel they’ll fit fine, just more snug.

I am in love with the TechSkin Long Sleeve Top. As a relatively taller runner (6’2), I can’t tell you how many shirts just don’t cover the length of my torso comfortably. There is nothing worse than feeling a compression shirt continually rise up the midsection until a belly button is poking out. This top is built with compression around the chest, fitted around the waist, and it extends much longer on the hem than 99% of running shirts out there. It can be folded over if it’s too long on you.

It also comes with reflective print and a small back pocket for some small carry items. Additionally, I am a really obsessed with the look, as the black torso coupled with designs on the arms is really fresh.

Overall, I think these items are all great to have and I have worn them out in my first few weeks of having them. They just seem to fit correctly – a nice balance of compression and comfort, in my opinion. Add in the fact that they are right here in Portland and it’s a double win.

If you want to check these out in person, their event schedule is available and they will be around at some great local fitness and running events, as well as places like the Portland Night Market:

  • Shamrock Fitness Fair
  • Bridge to Brews
  • Race for the Roses
  • Cinco de Mayo Half
  • Grateful Dad
  • Sunset on the Sweetwater
  • Run Like Hell

Check them out!

Company: RARR

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Take advantage of their release special of Buy 2, Get 1 Free for the whole collection through the weekend (3/18)!


More Abour RARR:

RARR Sportswear is a passionate group of designers, garment technicians and athletes dedicated to the development of men’s performance apparel.

We construct technical sportswear made to withstand the intensity of the toughest workouts and designed with an emphasis on practical functionality.

RARR Sportswear is based in Portland, Oregon where we value its strong apparel ecosystem and active community.

We aspire for growth through meaningful partnerships both within our local Pacific Northwest community and with our suppliers abroad. We are as active as possible in our community by attending regional events, participating in local business initiatives and supporting charitable causes.

We believe in building all of these relationships through hard work, communication and transparency.

Follow RARR on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you to RARR for providing us with a sample item. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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