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Getting an Energy Buzz with Honey Stinger waffles and gel

Long before I started running, I came across Honey Stinger original waffles – I was trying to eat healthy and these instantly appealed to me. First off, waffles, secondly, honey, and thirdly, not TOO many calories. When I got home I tried it out and I was not disappointed at all – they were so tasty, it was love at first bite! I’ve been a huge Honey Stinger fan ever since and they have continued to expand their line of products, each one being equally and sometimes more tasty than before! Here are some that I recently got to try out for Run Oregon:

Gluten Free Organic Waffle Chocolate and Vanilla Flavored and Chocolate Mint Flavored

Honey Stinger Gluten Free Organic Waffles are the first product of their kind that’s certified gluten free and available in a single-serving wrapper. At only 140 calories, 0% trans fat, 0% cholesterol, dairy free, nut free and chock full of goodness, you can’t go wrong! Noteably, a lot of gluten free products I have tried are very “dry” and this one I would have not been able to tell it was.

The chocolate and vanilla waffle is a thin layer of honey infused with natural cocoa flavor sandwiched between two thin gluten free vanilla waffles. Mmmm! I really liked this flavor because who wouldn’t? Chocolate, vanilla, waffle – it reminded me of eating ice cream but being so much better for you.

The chocolate mint waffle is a thin layer of honey infused with natural cocoa flavor and a subtle hint of mint sandwiched between two thin gluten free chocolate waffles. I much prefer the chocolate waffles, but sadly, I couldn’t really taste a whole lot of mint. Maybe it was too subtle for me? Don’t get me wrong it was still tasty, but I was expecting a more mint hit when I ate it.

All of Honey Stingers products are great to use before, during or after any physical activity. Honey Stinger uses honey, a natural form of energy and antioxidants, as the main carbohydrate source.  Research in endurance athletes has proven that a mixture of carbohydrates is better tolerated by the body, prevents fatigue and enhances performance more than a single carbohydrate form. When eaten before activity, it is released into the body’s system at a steady rate. When eaten during activity, it helps muscles stay nourished and delays fatigue. When eaten after activity, it helps refuel and decreases muscle soreness.

As they are waffles, they are a bit crumbly and I find it a little hard to manage with while also running at the same time. I always carry waffles with me on long runs in case I hit a wall and need a big pick me up. Generally though, I tend to eat these before or after I run.  I also eat these for breakfast, lunch, a mid day snack, dessert, sometimes dinner…..basically, I eat these any time and all the time! They are that good!

Bulk Energy Gel Gold and Gel Flask


First, can i just say that this is the biggest bottle of energy gel I have ever seen?! Ok. This bottle is intense!  As the core of the Honey Stinger gel line, the gold formula is great for those that love honey – it is 95% honey with some electrolytes and B vitamins thrown in. At 23.1 oz that gives you 19 individual servings all in on bottle. Go big or go home! This bulk option allows you to customize your fueling needs. That’s where the gel flask comes in handy:

No more sticky pockets, sticky hands, sticky clothes – just pour in your gel into the flask and go! The flask can hold 6 individual servings, but you can obviously put whatever amount you want in it.  I gave this flask a shot on some short 3 mile and 4 mile run and it was small enough to hold in my hand and worked great for getting some gel! I do wish that there was some sort of strap on it as I would be worried about it flying out of my hand on longer and sweatier runs. The gel is definitely sweet and was a bit too much for me on it’s own, so I watered it down with a little bit of water and it was totally fine then.

Just like the waffles, you can use the gel before, during or after any activity. I have been adding it to my smoothies for those added B vitamins in place of regular honey. You could also put it on toast, in your tea or anything else you can think of! Yum!

Company: Honey Stinger 

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More about Honey Stinger:

In 1954, Ralph and Luella Gamber developed the EN-R-G Bar (“EN” for energy, “R” for Ralph and “G” for Gamber). They wanted to provide an alternative to the sugary candy bars available, so, as such, their plan was simple: natural ingredients, great taste and, as Ralph was a beekeeper, honey. They introduced two-ounce packets of honey with the words “quick energy” on the packaging. At the time, Ralph’s friend Roy Phillips, head wrestling coach at Franklin & Marshall College, used those packets to provide quick energy for his athletes. Although Ralph and Luella knew they were on to something, the market was not quite ready for energy foods.

In 2002, EN-R-G Foods, Inc., was re-established by Bill Gamber Sr, Bill Gamber Jr., Bob Stahl and Jim Miller, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, as Honey Stinger, with the same goal in mind: provide great tasting, honey-based energy foods made with natural ingredients.

Thank you to Honey Stinger for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.


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