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What Run Oregon is Wearing: Janji Surya Waterfall Long Sleeve Tee

Dressing to run in cooler weather is a little bit tricky, especially when you live in a state that receives a lot of moisture like Oregon does. Things can start out and end very chilly, but the hard work our bodies do in between can render us hot and sweaty in a hurry. Selecting layers of clothing that provide warmth without a lot of weight while wicking away moisture, is essential to keep warm and comfortable. In the fall and winter, I like to wear a long-sleeve top over a tank or tee when I run outside. I get hot easily and I don’t want to have to strip off a lot of layers just a few miles in, and then have to tie them around my waist. Anyway, the point I’m making is that if ONE layer can do it all, I’m a happy person. Enter: my opportunity to test out a piece from Janji’s latest collection inspired by the terrain and culture of Nepal.

The Surya Waterfall Long Sleeve Tee is part of the Gahndruk collection from Janji’s winter 2017 line. This is the third item that I’ve been able to review from running apparel company Janji, and I must say that they make some pretty high quality items. (See my previous post reviewing the Asana Zona Capri and the Nyali Tank last year).  This top is light-weight, made with the latest innovative fabric, is warm, sweat-wicking and cute. The design of the shirt is loose enough to allow another layer underneath if you want it (you won’t need it) but not baggy. The pattern is attractive and the colors are soft. The sleeves are plenty long and feature thumb holes for warmth.

The pattern that decorates this long sleeve performance top is inspired by the way the light hits the peaks of the Annapurna Massif (surya means sun in Nepali). Sunrise and sunset are easily the most ethereal times of day in the Himalayas, where one could spend a small eternity content to watch the mesmerizing play between sun and mountain

I’ll admit that the first time I wore this top, I had a tank on underneath just in case I got too hot and needed to take it off AND in case I was too cold and needed another layer. Since the temperature was 45 degrees when I took off for a 6 mile run, I was perfectly comfortable the whole way from beginning to end. The second time I wore it, it was 35 degrees. My only other accessories were an ear warmer and mittens. Again, perfectly comfortable. The fabric was soft and didn’t chafe. I was able to sit around for about 45 minutes after my long run and drink coffee with a friend, before I started to get chilly and put on a jacket-but that’s only because we weren’t moving anymore and it was time for a shower.

Sizing tip: The Janji brand runs true to size, so you can feel comfortable ordering what sizes you prefer in running clothes. I’m 5’9″ at bought a medium, and it fit perfectly. If I were to do it over, I’d get a large ONLY because I like my tops looser for layering when it comes to my every-day clothes; if I was to wear this running errands or out and about, I’d throw on a tank underneath.

To check out the Gahndruk collection or the Kathmandu collection, visit Janji’s website. As always, Janji will stand by its name and gives(meaning ‘promise’ in Malay) 10% of every sale goes to fund clean water projects in several countries.

Company: Janji

Product: Surya Waterfall Long Sleeve Tee

  • Breathable + moisture-wicking
  • Quick-drying, lightweight fabric
  • Thumbholes for extra protection
  • Nepali artisan fabric flag detail
  • Ladder stitch along hem
  • Reflective logo on back
  • Materials: 65% polyester, 35% rayon

Price: $50

Where to buy: On the company’s website or Facebook page. If you are in Boston, visit their flagship store at Union Square. There is also a pop-up shop in San Francisco.

Thank you to Run Janji for providing us with a sample to test. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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