Races on our Radar #49

Here’s what Run Oregon has been keeping an eye on this week. Remember, if you know a really cool small race, an important registration deadline, or other fun running news, please send it our way so we can share it with our readers!

Spring Half Marathons with price increases coming in the next few weeks:

  • The ORRC Y2K, which offers a half marathon and a 10k, has a price increase on January 4. Currently, the half is $65 and the 10k is $45. (ORRC members save an extra $10.) The race is on Saturday, January 6, but you can save money by signing up even just a few days before the race instead of waiting for day-of.
  • Speaking of ORRC, here’s something fun … their Hagg Mud 25k will run the course in the opposite direction in 2018. The 25k is on February 18 (Sunday) and is $75. There’s also a 50k on the 17th for $95.
  • Another half marathon with an upcoming price increase is the Cottage Grove Half Marathon and 10k. On December 31, the half goes from $55 to $75, and the 10k jumps from $35 to $45, so sign up early for this Saturday, April 7 race.
  • Also on the 31st, there’s a price bump for the ORRC Vernonia Half and Full Marathon. The half is currently $65 and the full is $75. The race is Sunday, April 15.
  • Finally for the 31st, there’s a price increase for the Corvallis Half Marathon and 5k. Currently the half is $55, the 5k is $25, and the double is $70. The races are on Saturday and Sunday, April 14-15, 2018.

Marathons with price increases coming up soon … never to early to start planning:

  • Looking at marathons for 2018, keep in mind the Bend Marathon and Half will go up in price on January 2. There is also a 10k and 5k. The pricing for each race from longest to shortest runs $95, $74, $45, and $30. The race is on Sunday, April 22.
  • And the Eugene Marathon price will increase on January 4. Current prices are $100 for the full, $80 for the half, and $20 for the 5k. After that, the half and full will bump $10 and the 5k by $5.
  • The Pac Crest Marathon and Half will have price increase on January 1. On that date, the full goes from $100 to $110 and the half goes from $70 to $80. The races are June 22-24, 2018 with exact dates TBA. There are also 5k, 10k, 28k, and 50k runs as well as multi-sport events.

That’s all for this installment.

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