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Eat Better: The Bento Heaven Bento Box

I’ve been on a weight-loss and healthy-eating journey for the better part of this year, and with a loss of 30 pounds to show for it, I’ve adopted some great habits that are (thankfully) getting easier to keep. One of these is eating better foods and making better portion choices. Part of this includes what I take to lunch at work, and I tried out two Bento boxes to help with those goals.

One Bento box that I checked out was from BentoHeaven. The style of this box has strong nod to the origin of Bento, and comes with chopsticks and a distinctive style. Leakproof, the BentoHeaven box comes with a bottom tray and top tray, a divider, and a lid in two parts – in between them, you’ll find a fork, spoon, knife, and pair of chopsticks. There is also an elastic band to hold it all together. There are rubber seals that keep things clean, that you’ll want to open before trying to take the tray’s lids off; these should also be opened before you microwave your tray to reheat your food. 

Here is my same big salad as shown in my other Bento box review (sans bacon, unfortunately), this time in the BentoHeaven box. I didn’t include the utensils in the picture because, to be honest, my daughter appropriated them for her school lunch, and since my work has a full kitchen with silverware it wasn’t a big deal for me. But I have packed the chopsticks on a few occasions that I brought sushi, because if I’m going to enjoy sushi, I want to do it properly.

I’m also excited for the cold weather; since my work has a stocked cabinet of soup mugs, I plan to bring stew in the bottom tray and put my French bread (with butter, of course) in the top tray. I will primarily use the BentoHeaven box for lunch salads; since I can separate the ingredients, I’m looking forward to trying out new salad fixings and combinations. (Plus, I do salads at least twice a week.)

The BentoHeaven Bento box’s simple design makes it easy to keep clean. It also doesn’t hurt that the components are dishwasher safe. You don’t have to worry about pulling it out of the dishwasher and finding week-old food crust in a corner. The elastic band can be washed, too, because after just a few lunches, mine needed it – and it came out of the wash perfectly fine.

This Bento box has also made it into my workout bag for post-run snacks. It’s cheaper for me to load it up with a pre-toasted English muffin and cold chicken salad than to stop by Starbucks or McDonald’s for a hot breakfast sandwich.

The BentoHeaven Bento box is available online here for $23.95 in white or black (currently on sale from the regular price of $40).

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