Review: Brooks Women’s Ghost Crop Tights

Brooks Ghost Crop

(Not me) Note the nice wide waistband on the Ghost Crops … I love it.

When the weather gets colder, you probably look at the stack of black tights in your closet and try to remember which ones don’t have a waistband you hate. In my closet I have tights that are good for up to four miles (because they sag), tights I can only wear when it’s below 30 degrees outside (because they’re lined), and tights that I love to wear – just not for running.

Recently, I added a pair of crop tights to my running wardrobe that are good for short and long runs, races, and for those days when I don’t get to change out of my running gear before going to gymnastics, swim lessons, and the grocery store. (Crop tights are slightly shorter than full-length, but longer than capri length.) The Brooks Ghost Tights have two features that make them great for running in Oregon:

  1. They’re wind-resistant, and they don’t hold water – in a good way. So whether it’s gusty or drizzling, you’re protected. I’m not saying you can’t feel the wind and that they don’t get wet; but they cut the chill out of those breezy days and they don’t end up sopping after a run in the Oregon liquid sun.
  2. They’re lightweight, made out of a material that feels like a fabric version of parchment paper. I’ve never found another pair of tights or anything made out of this material, but here in the Portland area where it’s often to chilly for tights but not actually cold, it’s perfect. (Will also be great for the spring.)

There are a few other things I like about them, too. The material stretches side-to-side more than up-and-down, so it fits properly over your legs and bottom, but doesn’t get saggy over the miles or after multiple washes. I also appreciate the wider waistband (I’ve had two kids), which stays where you put it as you run. It’s between four and five inches wide, with a flat seam connecting it to the tights, and it’s doubled up so that your tummy doesn’t get super cold when you run (mine is usually bright red after a run in the wind from chill).

The Ghost Crop Tight has two pockets in the waistband, one on the front over the right hip, and one centered in the back. The one in the back will fit a smartphone, depending on the phone and what kind of case you have (it fits mine), while the front pocket is wide enough for an ID (I stash Gu there).

Finally, I love the pattern. It’s bright and bold and definitely stands out. They’re my new race tights. And I finally have something to match with my Hood to Coast volunteer shirt! In addition to the geometric pattern that I picked, there are two others – one a light pastel pattern that reminds me of a Van Gogh painting, and another in bright oranges, pinks, and blues that reminds me of an Eric Carle book.

You can find them at local running stores or online at The geo pattern is $120, the other two colors are currently on sale for $72.

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