Sock review update: Darn Tough – Bad news and good news

Here at the Run Oregon Blog we get a chance to test a lot of running apparel, especially socks. I have given high marks to most of the socks I’ve tested, and it’s rare that I feel the need to post an update. In March of 2016, several of us reviewed socks from Darn Tough, a proud Vermont company that offers a variety of nice running hosiery. I had worn my pair quite often since then and they were among my favorite socks. But now, some bad news and good news compels me to write an update.

The bad news: My Darn Tough sock broke! I was scheduled to run Leg 20 of Hood to Coast, a route that was to include a long stretch of dusty gravel road. What better socks to wear than my black Darn Tough extra durable and comfortable 1/4 height ultra lights? As the team regrouped under the Hawthorne Bridge at the conclusion of our first set of legs, we changed out of our sweaty clothes and started to put on fresh garb for our second legs.

My Darn Tough sock was torn asunder during Hood to Coast, but their lifetime warranty led a to a quick and efficient replacement.

I got my Darn Tough socks out of my ziploc bag, and pulled one onto my left foot. Then I grabbed the other sock and started to pull it on over my right foot. Suddenly there was a loud ripping sound, and the sock tore neatly away from itself along the ankle hem. I was momentarily stunned because nothing like that had ever happened before, and, after all, these particular socks were supposed to be “Darn Tough”! After the shock wore off we began to laugh at the irony. I rustled around in my bag for some backup socks, and carefully put the rent Darn Tough sock and its companion back in the ziploc.

The good news: Recalling Darn Tough’s lifetime guarantee, I went online once I got home and printed out their very clear and easy to use return form. I filled out all the information, including the story of the tattered sock, enclosed the form and the socks in a padded envelope, and sent the package off to Vermont. Within a week or two I received a brand new pair of the same model in the mail. The return process was extremely easy, and one of the most efficient I’ve seen.

While it was sad and ironic that socks that pride themselves on toughness ripped so dramatically, I like them so much in other ways that they will remain in my regular rotation. I was glad to get them replaced, and I will continue to wear the new pair regularly. Kudos to Darn Tough for guaranteeing their socks for life, following through on that promise, making it so easy to make the return, and for sending out the replacement pair so quickly.

Now, if they could just keep working on making them a little tougher, darn it! 😉

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