Portland Marathon Clinic Free Long Run for Saturday, September 9, 2017

This week’s Portland Marathon Clinic is the only Clinic run that is not free … it’s the 20-mile Brunch Run! And if you didn’t have tickets before, you’re pretty much outta luck. The only way to be involved now is to volunteer at an aid station for them if there are still opportunities there, otherwise, for those of you that already bought your tickets: the buses leave Willamette Park at 7:30a. This is earlier than the usual run start time, so be there by 7:20.

You may park in the paid spots in Willamette Park, or you can try your luck finding parking in the John’s Landing neighborhood. (There is usually a good number of street parking spots, but be early – don’t try your luck on Brunch Run day.) If you miss the bus, you miss the bus. I have seen folks miss the bus and follow it in their car to the mystery start point, but then their car is at the mystery start point while they’ve finished their run 20 miles away. So. There you have it.

As of 4p on Thursday, September 7, the run is still on, as air quality is slowly but steadily improving. That being said, if you have breathing trouble, asthma, or just don’t do well in smoggy air, you should check with your doctor before attending the run. Don’t sacrifice your race day for your last 20-miler. For up-to-the-minute info, check the PMC’s facebook page.

You’ll want to bring your own hydration and nutrition for this run, so you can be prepared to refuel at any point along the route. The organizer will have planned a route that has options for potty breaks on the course, but try to take care of business as possible before you arrive.

I also highly recommend you bring some hand sanitzer and put a wet washcloth in a ziploc bag to clean up a little after the run before you eat. You’ll also want a dry set of clothing and comfy shoes to change into after the miles and before you eat.

Have a great run everyone!


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