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Portland Marathon Clinic Free Long Run for Saturday, September 2, 2017 – Last Chance to Buy Brunch Run Tickets

It is September 2 this Saturday – only five 2017 Portland Marathon Clinic Runs this season! But that doesn’t mean the hard work is done. This may be the hardest segment, because you are doing consistent high mileage when your body has been working hard for months. But you are also stronger, including mentally, so keep that in mind when you lace up to head out!

This Saturday’s run, starting at 8a, will leave from the Tualatin Road Runner Sport at 7063 SW Nyberg Rd. in Tualatin. The distance this weekend is 16 miles (no problem, right!?) and will be supported with aid stations at miles 4, 8, and 12.

This out-and-back route starts out running on SW Nyberg St. to the east, past Bridgeport Elementary, then turns onto SW Borland Rd. and past Legacy Meridian Hospital. From there, the route takes Sagert St. at Atfalati Park (which has bathrooms) over the I-5 and runs through neighborhoods, past Edward Byrom Elementary, and makes a turn at Tualatin High School. Then, it runs through Ibach Park (which also has bathrooms) and winds north towards the turnaround at Jurgens Park (yes, there are bathrooms there, too). It’s a nice route and all three of these parks are really good to visit again with your kiddos if they are still running with the playground set.

Even with the aid stations, be sure to bring your planned race-day food and drink. It’s a great idea to wear your race-day outfit, or at least some of it, for this run. Granted, it will be hotter this Saturday than on Portland Marathon race day, but you can at least try your race socks, undergarments, and hat.

Be sure to bring along $10 for your Brunch Run ticket, too! This Saturday’s run is the last chance to buy tickets for this highlight of the PMC’s summer program. You’ll meet at Willamette Park on September 9th to board buses leaving at 7:30a for a “point unknown.” You’ll run with your trusted pace group leaders back on a 20-mile route and enjoy brunch upon your return to John’s Landing. The Brunch Run is the only PMC run that isn’t free, and it’s a really fun experience to help you get ready for race day.

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