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What Run Oregon is Wearing: Fremont Shorts and Distance Sweatshirt from Brooks

I’m just going to say it – Brooks makes some dang good running gear. We have been reviewing their line for years and often find it difficult to say a bad word about them. Their new Fremont Running Shorts are no exception – a great combination between simplicity and functionality. While I have grown (slightly more) comfortable in shorter running shorts, my wheelhouse is still those longer pairs. The Fremonts, measuring in with a 9″ inseam, is one of the longer running-dedicated shorts on the market, but don’t feel bulky or cumbersome.

The longer length and simple design really makes these shorts multifunctional. They can be worn in a weight room or boot camp, where standard running shorts may stand out or be uncomfortable. They are also fine to utilize on a warm summer day – heading to the grocery store, pool, beach, whatever. They have the running shorts functionality (Drilayer fabric to wick away moisture, panels to improve ventilation, and reflection on the sides and front), while still offering a casual shorts vibe (hand pockets being one such feature). There is a smaller zipped pocket that is also the perfect size for a cellphone, meaning you can leave the running belt or arm band at home for once. The one and only (and super minor) drawback is I’ve never been too keen on the waist ties on Brooks shorts. I can’t explain it much except for I always have issues with tying it to the right tightness. Maybe it’s just a me problem.

Right now, Brooks has a few colors on sale for only $39! We recommend checking them out!

It hasn’t exactly been sweater weather the past few weeks, but we all know it’s coming.

It always comes.

And now I’m thrilled that I have the Men’s Distance Sweatshirt in my arsenal. I took this over to the beach (when the temperatures were 30-40 degrees different from the valley) to brave the coastal winds – and this piece hardly left my body. It was heavy enough to keep me comfortable, yet not too heavy that I would overheat. I feel it’s an amazing sweatshirt that would do the job before AND after a race. The design is unique without being gaudy and the inside is ridiculously soft. I found the sleeves to be long enough as well, something that I continually struggle with in sweatshirts.

Overall, I love the Distance Sweatshirt. They also have a hoody version if that’s more your style. It may not be a full-on running piece, but I anticipate that it will get more wear this Fall and next Spring than any of the other item in my closet. Highly recommended.

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Thank you to Brooks for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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