What Run Oregon Is Wearing: HOKA One One – Ora Recovery Slide

If you’re like me, after you finish a race you can’t wait to change out of your running shoes. HOKA ONE ONE now has just what you need – the Ora Recovery Slide. This slip-on sandal is super cushy, has a high arch, and is just 5 oz. As you would expect from HOKA, this sandal is definitely a bit different than your average slip-on, which is no surprise considering how HOKA changed up the world of running shoes starting in 2010.

Like the running shoes, the Ora Recovery Slide has an over-sized midsole. While it looks a bit bulky,  the slip-ons are not heavy and they are wonderfully cushy. They also have what HOKA refers to as “Meta-Rocker Geometry.” In other words, the shoes are kind of designed like a rocking chair so that the heel and toe of the shoe are slightly higher than the center of the shoe. This makes you rock forward as you walk. It’s a strange sensation that you do have to get used to – if you aren’t already a HOKA wearer. I found myself walking somewhat differently with these sandals on, as there was a little more toeing off than I’m used to. Along with this comes a high center arch. If you like some additional support under the arch of your foot, you will appreciate this.

After a run it kind of felt like the sandal was giving my arch a little massage. I had mixed feelings about this. I liked the massage feeling, but I would have preferred a slightly lower arch. It was a little intense for me. The Oras also have what HOKA refers to as the “Bucket Seat.” Your foot sits inside of the entire sandal instead of on top of it. If your foot is really narrow, this may make the sandal seem too wide. But, if you usually wear a standard width shoe, you shouldn’t have any issues with the width.

All these aspects make the Ora Recovery Slide look and feel different than any sandal I’ve ever worn. As for the looks, I mentioned earlier that they look a bit bulky. That actually made me a little self-conscious when I wore them for the first time on a relay (when I wasn’t running, of course!) However, I got numerous compliments from other runners throughout the day, so that made me feel like they must not look too strange.

These sandals are plastic, so for me the disadvantage of that was when my feet were sweaty. I was wearing them on a warm afternoon (post-race) and my feet began slipping and sliding around as my feet began sweating. That made for some careful walking on my part, as at one point my sandal actually slipped around sideways on me! So, if you tend to be a heavy foot sweat-er, you may want to wear these with socks.

It is important to note that the ORA Recovery Slides do not come in half sizes. I typically wear size 9.5 for my running shoes, but a 9 for the slides fit just fine.

Overall, the ORA Recovery Slide is a great post-run option if you are a fan of cushy shoes and having a well-supported arch. You might even find yourself wearing them as a casual slip-on sandal even when you aren’t recovering from a race. You can purchase the ORA Recovery Slide on the HOKA ONE ONE website or visit one of your local running stores, as many of them currently have the ORA Recovery Slides in stock.

ORA Recovery Slide Specs

Weight: 5 oz

Heel to toe drop: 6mm

Price: $50


Thank you to Hoka for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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