What Run Oregon is Wearing: Sankalpa Yoga Pants (DISCOUNT CODE)

I like to wear funky leggings, not for attention or to impress anyone, just because I like fun clothes that make me smile. Sankalpa leggings made me smile with their fun prints and impressed me with their quality.

I did get compliments every time I wore them, so I know it’s not just me; these pants are beyond fun. There are plenty of cute leggings on the market and I own everything from Star Wars to tie-dye. Just like prints vary a ton, the quality does as well. I’ll just say it’s a good thing that I only wear my Star Wars leggings for the movies and I’ve been extremely disappointed with some, which is to be expected when you’re an amateur collector. I have most certainly found that the old saying, ‘you get what you pay for’ is absolutely relevant when it comes to leggings and activewear in general. I note that first thing because I know that some ladies will be turned off with the $78 price tag (discount Code included at the bottom).

It might sound like a lot of money for a pair of stretchy polyester/spandex pants, but they are worth every penny. I love that each pair is a work of art, they fit like a second skin and they tolerate some serious abuse. There are more than 60 designs to choose from, so you can safely assume no one else will show up at the gym as your twin. Even better, the designs are created by actual artists, many of them practicing Yogis so the prints aren’t only fun, they help support artists too. Many of the prints offer a matching yoga mat, if you want to get wild and crazy.

I’m not sure how they can get a polyester/spandex blend so smooth and soft, but the fabric just feels good to touch, not to mention to wear. They are tight, but not so tight to feel like compression pants, cut off circulation or squeeze you so tight to create a muffin top. They stay in place and don’t look like elephant skin at the end of the day.

I have worn these to every sort of fitness class at the club, for errands around town and even wore a pair for a relay run and I still say they are perfect. No sagging at the crotch or knees, I didn’t have to constantly pull of the waistline and the stitching around the leggings kept them in place. I want comfort when I’m running errands or doing chores around the house, but I expect performance when I’m wearing them for runs or classes. Fortunately, these provide both and I’m just as excited about them today as I was when they arrived months ago. I also get a thrill when I get to wash and tumble dry workout gear. No shrinking, no pilling and the colors have stayed vibrant with regular wash.

These leggings are pretty much perfection in my book. I wasn’t a fan of the thread choice around the ankles and waistband, the black thread didn’t seem to match the print. But, after asking friends if they agreed, they told me they didn’t even notice it, so I might be reaching. I’m also not a seamstress and the colors are so bold, it would be impossible to match. If that was the only ‘flaw’ I could come up with, I’d say that’s a sign of quality leggings.

Company: Sankalpa Yoga Pants 

Sankalpa yoga pants have been meticulously designed to maximize performance and comfort. They’re perfect for a vigorous workout, great for everyday wear, and definitely a conversation starter. The fabric is spun from a high quality microfiber yarn that is breathable, quick dry and incredibly comfortable. Sankalpa uses sublimation printing, and the designs look amazing in person. Plus, the pants are printed, cut and sewn in Southern California.’

Price: $78 (free shipping with purchases over $100)

Code: GoodKarma for 20% off through September 20th.


Thank you to Sankalpa for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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