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After never wearing much sunscreen in my “invincible” teenager and young adult years, that all changed when my dad was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2011. Many things changed when that news came about, but a renewed focus on skin safety was definitely one of the impacts. To be honest, it wasn’t so much the act of using sunscreen that was the problem, it was the feeling of being greasy or, as a baseball player, the concern about sweaty sunscreen dripping into my eyes at inopportune moments.

I have since found a sunscreen that I can tolerate, but am always open to exploring different types in an effort to continue to have items in my arsenal that 1) keep me safe and 2) I actually don’t mind putting on. I was sent a few samples from Beyond Coastal, a sun protection company creates a variety of different products to keep people safe in the sun. They sent over their Active Sunscreen and Active Facestick.

Before talking about the products, I should say that I am always a little confused about sunscreens in general. I mean, what is the right SPF? Am I doing more harm than good if I’m putting other “crap” on my skin while trying to do good? I will just let Beyond Coastal do some explaining on why they feel their creation is best.

Beyond Coastal has three of the only five products to receive the top rating in the non-mineral category by the Environmental Working Group. The EWG recently released their 2017 report on sunscreens. Of the 512 submissions into the non-mineral category, Beyond Coastal earned 3 of the top rankings with a maximum SPF of 34.

The formula has been rated by the EWG as one of the safest/healthiest options on the market.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection stops 97% of UVB rays
  • Non-greasy and quick-absorbing for a clean, light, dry feeling
  • Nourishes your skin with green tea extract, yerba mate, and B5 panthenol
  • Rubs in clear and smooth
  • Water resistant
  • Great sunscreen for keeping tattoos from fading
  • Gluten Free, Cruelty Free, Fragrance Free
  • Oxybenzone Free, Paraben Free

One thing that I struggle with is keeping myself covered during the length of my entire medium-long runs. Beyond Coastal’s claims that their Active Sunscreen can hold up to 80 minutes of water-resistant protection (the Face Stick has up to 4o minutes) so it can cover a large majority of your runs. While I haven’t done any scientific testing on this, I am taking it at face value. Additionally, added ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter, and vitamins C and E should assist in hydrating the skin instead of a bunch of random filler.

I really like the way that the Active Sunscreen feels. It rubs in clear and leaves just a faint hint of greasiness (on my personal scale, it’s about a 2.5 out of 10 – so that’s great for me). I absolutely love the Face Stick, a “deoderant-style” bottle that allows me to rub some directly on my face, ears, nose, and neck (and wherever else I wanted) without having to get touch anything. As it’s reapplication time is half that of the lotion version, it will require usage a little more frequently. However, it is a cinch to pull out of a pocket or pouch and rub on without slowing much, making it an ideal item to carry around with you in your pack, pocket, or pouch.


Overall, I have been pleased with these and continue to use them as my lunch runs become hotter and sunnier. These are approved by me!

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More About Beyond Coastal:
 Years of sun exposure and the ensuing effects drove Shawn Biega to start Beyond Coastal Suncare. A diehard skier and surfer, Shawn and his cohorts spent endless hours in the sun year-round, every day their skin taking a beating. Although they wore sunscreen, too many of his friends were being diagnosed with skin cancer. After some initial research Shawn was disappointed to find the sun care market filled with greasy, chemical laden formulas that claimed broad spectrum protection.After years of research and testing (on himself, not animals!) in surf breaks, skate parks, and ski slopes, in 2006, Beyond Coastal Suncare was born.

Two years later we grew a bit and relocated to Utah’s Wasatch Mountains. We miss the surf, but love the skiing! The outdoor opportunities are plentiful in Utah and the sun is harsh. This combination continues to spur our constant research into better sun care.

As individuals we are parents, athletes, consumers and concerned members of our global community. As a company and signatory of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics we are committed to offering your family the cleanest, healthiest sun care products possible at a reasonable price. Our formulas are crafted to offer true broad-spectrum protection and are packed with moisturizing botanical antioxidants that nourish, repair, and hydrate your skin.

Company information taken from the company’s website. We like to let their own stories speak for themselves, because we review companies that have real personality and passion about what they do.


Thank you to Beyond Coastal for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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