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What Run Oregon is wearing: Zonyk Pro Sunglasses by Adidas

Even as a self-proclaimed minimalist runner, in a region that seems to be grey more often than sunny, a good set of eyeglasses is a necessity. Good for reducing glare, easing visibility and protecting the eyes from unwary bugs, they definitely get some use, but much more frequently in the summer months. I have utilized several pairs from different companies through the years, and this pair was unique from the previous ones in several ways.

My first impression of the Zonyk Pro Sunglasses was the weight, or rather, the lack thereof. Glasses are fairly light in general, but this was a feature to note. It was definitely obvious when worn, as the normal feeling of pressure at the temples and bridge of the nose were nearly nonexistent. Even when running for an hour, they were comfortable and stable.

Given the mercurial nature of weather in this region, the benefit of having more than just a shaded lens was noticeable. They not only dimmed bright light, but enhanced the clarity when the light was less than optimal. I still wouldn’t recommend wearing them after dark, but on runs with partial cloud cover, they did great.

The foam bar at the brow was a new feature for me, and not irritating as I thought it might be. It was comfortable, while serving the purpose of keeping sweat from getting into the eyes. It is removable, for those who might not like the feature.

I was a bit skeptical at first, as the style and size of this item was not what I prefer. The fit and functionality definitely won me over, and I have been training in them regularly the last couple weeks. They come with a microfiber bag and a hard case, which I appreciate, allowing me to keep them in a safe place and clean rather than dropping them in the center console of my car. My favorite feature is the lens, adapting to the ever changing light conditions we deal with in Oregon. For me, the most important trait a piece of running gear is to be so functional, I fail to notice its very existence but on the most basic level. Adidas nailed it with the Zonyk Pro.

Zonyk Pro Sunglasses

Features (as stated by Adidas):
  • Vision Advantage™ polycarbonate lens
  • Lens Lock System™
  • TRI.FIT™ temples
  • Double-Snap Nose Bridge™
  • detachable foam bar
  • Compatible with prescription lenses
  • different sizes available
Variotuned lens details:
 VARiO technology allows for the lenses to automatically change from crystal clear to dark tint within seconds, dealing with any weather scenarioKey Benefits:
  • Lens tint adapts to different light conditions.
  • No lens-changing.
  • “One day one lens”
  • ideal also for activities at night, in the dusk or in the dawn.

Thank you to Adidas for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews


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