Race Preview: 2017 Elijah Bristow 24/12/6 Hour Run (Dexter)

We’ve all been on runs that feel like they last all day. But would you be up to the challenge of actually doing a 24 hour run? How about one that’s well supported and offers up some seriously awesome grub to keep you happy? If you’ve always had ultra running aspirations and want to try a race that was founded by Ultra Runners with experience running 24-hour tracks, the 4th annual Elijah Bristow 24 Hour Run in Dexter, OR (near Eugene) on June 17th might be one to consider this summer. You will have the option of a 6 hour, a 12 hour, or the full 24 hour race, depending on what challenge you are looking for.

The course for this race is a repeating 1.04 mile loop on mostly trails in Elijah Bristow State Park with a 15 foot elevation change and there is a variety of surfaces to keep your attention. The trail/track is wide enough to accommodate two people, which will be helpful if you are looking for some company or someone to help you keep pace. There will also be aid stations at every mile and court marshalls to help you keep track of your loops and times. Last year, there was a wading component to the course, so it’s likely that there will be some surprises in store for runners again this year.

The proceeds from this race support the Eugene to PCT Trail and also benefits the Oregon State Parks Foundation.

Did I forget to mention the food? If you’re going to be running for hours, you’re going to need access to great food to be successful, and the menu for this race does not disappoint. There will be a good variety of foods to choose from, though they are open to suggestions also. The menu has Krave Beef Jerky, various sodas, Gu, Breakfast Buritos, Bacon Pancakes, Espresso Brownies, Potatoes, Hamburgers,  Veggie Burgers, Bean Burgers, Watermelon, Ninkasi by the keg, and more.

Are you up to the challenge? Come and find out how many times you can run the race loop. You might surprise yourself.


What: Elijah Bristow 24 Hour Run

When: June 17th, 2017 at 9:00AM

Where: Bristow State Park, Dexter, OR

Register: Here

Registration Cost: $105 (6 hrs,) $145 (12 hrs,) $175 (24 hrs)

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