Kickstarter of the Week: Sankalpa Yoga Pants

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Yoga pants have gotten quite a bit of attention lately and I say they get a bad rap. I might be biased because I work at a gym and spend a fair share of time shuttling kids around, plus I just like to be comfortable. No, I wouldn’t wear leggings to the theater or a cocktail party, but I definitely push the envelope in pretty much every other social setting  from shopping to church and everything in between. With that said, I’m pretty particular with the leggings I wear. They have to be functional and fun. I want pants that will keep up with my active lifestyle, not sag or droop and definitely provide full coverage. I also want them to be fun and unique. It’s not an attention thing, but I don’t want to go to the club dressed like everyone else. My personality is unique, so I think my wardrobe should be too. Fun clothes are a great conversation starter when you’re standing in line at the market or sitting on the sidelines of a soccer game.

cosmos mandalas

Cosmos Mandalas

The Sankalpa Yoga Pants aren’t just another pair of workout pants, these leggings are pieces of art. The same company that offers truly amazing yoga mats is expanding their reach with yoga pants as well. Their mats are works of art, literally. Artists from around the world, many of them practicing Yogis, provide the artwork with their yoga mats and their latest venture, yoga pants. Not only will people have over 60 designs to choose from, but their purchase supports artists around the globe. With photos on their website, you get a peek at the artist as well. A passion for our planet and spirituality, Sankalpa wants to share their love of all things yoga with the world.

Sankalpa yoga pants have been meticulously designed to maximize performance and comfort. They’re perfect for a vigorous workout, great for everyday wear, and definitely a conversation starter. The fabric is spun from a high quality microfiber yarn that is breathable, quick dry and incredibly comfortable. Sankalpa uses sublimation printing, and the designs look amazing in person. Plus, the pants are printed, cut and sewn in Southern California.

Sankalpa was generous enough to send me some yoga pants to test out and my husband right away said they looked just like me. They are bright, fun and I can’t wait to wear them- I’m excited enough that I got them in the mail this evening and will be wearing them for my morning workout. The polyester/spandex mix is soft, but stayed strong for a serious stretch test. The leggings aren’t see through or ‘faded’ when stretched out. So far I’m pretty much in love. Stay tuned for a full review after these go through some serious testing.

Product: Yoga Pants
Company: Sankalpa
Location: Los Angeles, California
Funding Status: $8,000 goal
End Date: June 11, 2017
Pledge for: $56
Delivery Expectation: June 2017
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