What Run Oregon is Wearing: INKnBURN Skirt

INKnBURN’s Zen Sports Skirt $69.95

When I was younger I wanted to wear stuff everyone else wore. I wanted to blend in and follow the crowd even when it meant color combinations and cuts that I had no business attempting to pull off. Fortunately, in adulthood that attitude has changed. I don’t want to look like everyone else. If we all looked and dressed the same life would be terribly boring. Now I don’t worry about blending in with the crowd and fitting in with everyone, I dress for me and me alone. I don’t have a style per se, but love to be a free spirit and INKnBURN is the perfect find for an athlete who wants stuff with just a little bit of flair.

I’ve loved their shorts for years. The prints are unique, the cuts are flattering and, most importantly, they are functional. I’ve wanted to be an INKnBurn Ambassador for years, too, but that’s been a secret wish so when I was offered to test a running skirt, I jumped at the chance. Matt noted he wasn’t sure which print they would send me, but I didn’t care. I waited, not so patiently, to see and was thrilled when a fun purple piece arrived. The skirt was a fun print that reminded me of a tropical paradise and I couldn’t wait to wear it. Our Portland spring has given me very few opportunities to wear my new workout piece, but I did my best to take advantage of any sunbreaks. I braved the cold weather and risked blinding any passersby with my glowing white legs and it was totally worth it.


Slide your phone or your iPod in the hidden stretchy pockets.

I didn’t think I would like the skirt as much as the shorts, since the bar was pretty high, but I was wrong. I love skirt even more. The Dry I.C.E. technical fabric is silky soft, breathable, wicks away moisture and dries super fast. They use flat seams and Seamsoft thread making it chafe resistant for a long run, short run or a day of errands. It’s super comfortable and I pretty much could live in it if it were appropriate. I’ve noted before that running skirts are fun because running is such an unattractive sport, or at least for me. To say I don’t look attractive on a run is an understatement, so I need pretty clothes to balance things out.

The INKnBURN skirts offer unique and sometimes wild prints, which is fun, but I’m all about function and am thrilled these deliver both. Their 100 mile test has helped them create a quality line that’s made in the USA and with an affordable $69.95 price tag. The thicker waistband can be worn as is or rolled down to make the skirt a little more compact. There is no vanity sizing with their products, they are true to size. Measurements are included on their website, if you’re not quite sure. The length keeps the short liners covered, but they have a slit down the side to show off the funky fabric and even include a pocket on the leg for a key or iPod. I love everything about this skirt, now I just need our Pacific Northwest weather to cooperate so I can wear it more.

Thank you to INKnBURN for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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