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Full disclosure, Aureus does not make running shoes. But we here at Run Oregon believe that it is important to have comfortable feet, regardless of what style you are wearing. After all, without healthy and well-taken care of feet, where are we?! I reviewed a pair last October and was beyond impressed.

These are awesome shoes. Plain and simple. Style-wise, they are a great crossover pair and have allowed me to easily pair with both a casual pair of jeans, as well as with some work slacks as well (though obviously in a more business-casual setting). They are just super stylish looking and showcase classiness – from the leather construction down to the stitching. Overall, I think these are great for fashion-forward and active men. With runners, our feet are probably our most important asset, so we might as well keep them comfortable in all settings, right?! I’d wear running shoes all the time if I could, but these will do the trick during my work week.

Aureus has asked us to review a few pairs and we were happy to take them up on their offer.

Kelly’s Impressions (Aureus Lotus):

It has already been requested by my just-turned-5-years-old-daughter to take good care of the Aureus Lotus that I received, in purple, so that she can wear them when she’s bigger. (If I’d gotten the pink ones, I am sure she would have hidden them in her closet so I couldn’t get them dirty in the next 10 years while she grows.)

Most importantly to note – you can skip down to Matt’s review after you read this – they are super comfortable. You might not know this, but Run Oregon doesn’t review every pair of shoes we receive. I’ve declined the past few pairs of casual shoes I’ve received because I just don’t do shoes that aren’t comfortable and supportive: not a problem with the Aureus Lotus. Despite being purple, which you may think won’t go with many outfits, I have managed to wear these shoes at least three times a week to work in the past month. I have a sit/stand desk, and I usually stand in my bare feet … I left these shoes on. They are super comfortable and have enough support to prevent fatigue. Now if I can only figure out a way to wear them at a trade show.

These shoes are really unique in that they can be worn Chuck-Taylor-style, but they’re a little classier and the best part: the laces are elastic and stitched in, so you never, ever, ever have to tie them. Because of this feature, the shoes come with a shoehorn should you need a little help slipping them on. I have found it easy to slip these on without the shoehorn and without damaging the heel structure, so you may or may not need this. Another feature I liked is the slight wingtip detailing on the leather that holds the laces and wraps around the heel.

They run true to size and unless you have very wide feet, you should be fine. I wear a size 8.5 in Brooks running shoes and a size 7.5 or 8 in dress shoes; I got these in an 8 as I plan to wear sock with them most of the time. They fit true to size, even with my somewhat wider than usual forefoot.

Inside the box, you’ll also find a two-sided nubuck brush. One side has soft bristles to brush the leather; the other side is stiffer to brush out anything you might spill on your shoes. As someone who worked in a shoe store all four years of high school, this is pretty nice – it keeps the shoes looking sharp. And, since she’s planning on inheriting them, my daughter can still easily be swayed to brush them for me! They come in three colors this season: purple (a deep concord purple), pink, and pear green, shown below.

Matt’s Impressions (Aureus Parker):

The Aureus Parker looks very similar to the Fortis pair I reviewed last October. They both have the “Polyurethane Insole Cushion”, “AM-TECH® Sole technology”, and “Direct Injected Sole Construction”. They also sport the same anti-slip sole and are made with environmentally conscious thoughts in mind. The main difference between the two is the leathery (thought it is microfiber) outer construction, a simple, sleek, and timeless look to accompany the amazingly comfortable fit.

The white pair (see picture at the beginning of this post) provides a classic look that can go great with all attire – from jeans or khakis to even shorts or swimsuits – it just works. Add in the comfort AND a ridiculously low price-point, and you have all the makings of what a shoe should be.

These come in white, black, and mustard.


Company: Aureus (Facebook)

More about Aureus:

Aureus was established in 1977 at a time when specialty brands ruled the athletic market. We called the golf course home, so you could say we were born playing the game. And top pros wore the collection making Aureus a dominant golf brand for decades until megabrands took over our market. Niche manufactures struggled, but from the outside veteran shoemaker Frank Tien saw great opportunity.

As a vertical production savant with over 30 years of experience producing millions of pairs of top quality shoes for some of the biggest U.S. retailers and name brands, Tien understood the intrinsic value in Aureus and possessed the unique vision to breathe new life into the brand. And in 2014, we were reborn. Based in Los Angeles, today’s Aureus offers a modern sleek footwear collection with an expanded focus on the advanced technologies and materials that always differentiated us.

We use eco-friendly materials in our products because it’s the right thing to do and we want you to wear Aureus with pride. Our design team works tirelessly to keep style at the forefront of comfort and innovation so you’ll always feel great and look even better in our shoes. We’re always focused on what’s ahead with our heritage in mind. Make a bold statement by slipping into a pair of Aureus.

Thank you to Aureus for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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