Portland Marathon Clinic Free Long Run for Saturday, April 22, 2017

This Saturday is the 3rd week of the 2017 Portland Marathon Clinic. The run this weekend is an out-and-back-and-out-and-back-again, starting from Kelley Point Park. There are restrooms at the park, but none along the route that I can guarantee.

The park itself is off N. Marine Drive where it turns into N. Lombard, just southeast of the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers.

The run will start at 8a from deep within Kelley Point Park – a little over a half-mile will be on Kelley Point Park Road before you reach the main street and take a left onto N. Marine Drive and run by the Smith and Bybee Natural Wetlands until you reach 3 miles. Then, back to the park entrance; here the runners going 8 or 10 continue on the main road as it becomes N. Lombard, while those running 6 will head back to the start.

The 8-mile runners will turn back after a mile on N. Lombard while the 10-milers will continue until their total mileage is 7.5 miles. After that it’s straight back to the park.

Be sure to bring your own hydration and nutrition, including a post-run snack. Even though a danish may sound good (and be easy to keep in your car while you run), a snack with a balance of protein, carbs, and good fats will help your recovery. Fresh fruit is also great because it gives you simply-digested sugars. You may also want to try a recovery drink such as Nuun, especially if you tend to get cramps after running. If you’re not sure what to eat and drink, ask your pace group leaders – an amazing group of running leaders who have completed numerous distance runs.

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