What Run Oregon is Wearing: Janji Women’s Cusco Cowl


I’m one of those people who consider jeans as “formal wear” and simply refuse to wear them at home. In fact, the first thing I do when I get home from being out and about in jeans, is come home and throw on some comfy sweat pants and a hoodie or sweatshirt. I have one favorite sweatshirt that’s been worn down to a rag, filled with holes, rips, and maybe even some stains (please don’t judge me). I think it’s safe to say, however, that I’ve found a new favorite top in the Cusco Cowl from Janji. It’s not only ridiculously comfortable, it’s really quite stylish, and I wear it often for running errands.

Brand: Janji Running Apparel

Product: Women’s Cusco Cowl, $80

• 65% cotton, 35% polyester to help you double between running and wearing around
• Functional drawstring to keep warm on cool mornings
• Super soft baby french terry
• Hidden security pocket
• Thumb holes on both sleeves

Impressions: There are three things that I love about the Cusco Cowl, the first one being the french terry cloth. The material is incredibly soft and lightweight, and I often find myself wearing the cowl as a t-shirt; no layering top underneath. The second thing I love about the Cusco Cowl is the small security pocket on the front left side. I think the fact that they made the zipper itself on the pocket a bright color (Peru blue), gives it a little flair. I also like that the pocket is small enough to stash something such as chapstick or my keys if I’m out running an errand. The pocket, however, is not big enough to fit my phone (it’s an iPhone), but that’s really a minor non-issue. The third thing I really like about the Cusco Cowl is the fit. I find that most running tops are either way too loose on me or way too tight, there’s never an in between. At a staggering 5 feet 1 inch and 100 pounds, I found that the size extra small was perfect.

I think the only thing I would change about the Cowl is the drawstring length, as I often find them getting in the way of certain tasks. They have definitely ended up in the sink a few times when I was brushing my teeth, so I have made a mental note to toss the drawstrings over my shoulder when brushing from now on. I also probably will not actually wear this top for running, because, in my opinion, it seems like more of a casual piece. I guess that would be a choice for whoever purchases this particular item though.

Since owning and wearing the Cusco Cowl, I’ve already received quite a few compliments on it. On most given days you can find me wearing the cowl out running errands, grabbing coffee with a friend, or lounging around at home. I typically pair the Cusco Cowl with some running tights or skinny jeans and some sneakers.

For those not familiar the brand Janji, you should know that their running apparel is not only super chic and comfortable, but for each item sold, they donate 10% of the profits to help fund clean water projects. This season, Janji has partnered with Evidence Action in supporting Kenya through a clean water initiative called Dispensers for Safe Water which is a proven, innovative, and low-cost approach to increase rates of household chlorination and providing safe drinking water. You can read more about Janji’s story and mission here.

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