Make a Night of It with Slipstream

The Netflix for Adventure Films

When I have spare time away from kids and work, I hardly ever find myself sitting down and watching movies. I will find myself binge watching some TV series on the treadmill (the latest being WestWorld) or one from the podcast “How Did This Get Made”. But most of the time, I find myself in front of the computer doing blog posts or blog maintenance.

That being said, if I had to choose a movie genre that I gravitate towards, it is definitely Documentary. There is just something about the ability to watch and learn that I really appreciate. As technology improves and recording, production, and creativity move upwards as well, films that inspire and better connect viewers with nature and the outdoors are more beautiful as ever – not as accessible…until now.

We recently came across Slipstream, which has been in BETA testing and was only available to the public for a few weeks, and have really been enjoying checking out their catalog.

The inspiration for Slipstream was born from the team’s 23 year combined experience in the video space, coupled with their love for the outdoors. “We’re constantly inspired by these films but realized there wasn’t anywhere to find them all on one place, so we designed a place where filmmakers can reach new audiences and monetize in a meaningful way ” says Slipstream co-founder Keegan McColl.

Filmmakers are now able to tell cinematic style stories from remote parts of the world that before couldn’t be told without Hollywood sized budgets.

Slipstream allows viewers access to a growing library of adventure films curated to their taste.

  • Running
  • Surfing
  • Kayaking
  • Climbing
  • Cycling
  • Environmental
  • Snowsports
  • Women
  • Festival Winners
  • Top picks from curators (currently including Hazel Findlay, Semi Rad, Seb Montaz, JJ Wessels and Xavier de le Rue)

Slipstream doesn’t appear to just be a platform that desires to blackmail adventure film directors into signing up. When conceptualizing Slipstream, they made a committment to putting filmmakers first by allocating 70% of all monthly revenues for content creators. They don’t appear to want to be just the “middleman” like similar services (Netflix, for example), but instead encourage filmmakers to continue to put out great content and assist in supporting them financially at the same time. 

Most of the films are full length, while a some others are only a few minutes long. They are continuing to grow their catalog as well, so it is expected to only grow bigger. All of the videos are available on mobile, tablet, PC and Smart TV – just pull up the Slipstream website and log-in to get rolling.

Right now, I recommend “Reach Your Limits“, a film I have been dying to see and was stoked to see already in the catalog. THeir library will undoubetdly grow as they continue to gain subscribers and go more mainstream.

Cost: $4.99/mo


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