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What Run Oregon is Wearing: The Hipster Storage Belt by Nathan

Nathan is pretty well-known for their sports accessories, from hydration packs and belts to headlamps and reflective vests, and everything in between. So it should come as no shock to see they now have a storage belt which is designed to fit an iPhone 5/6/6+ or Galaxy S4/S5/S6 cell phone.

Product/Items: The Hipster expandable storage belt – $24.99 (Amazon link)

Company: Nathan Sports

Product Specs (From website):

  • Multiple pockets keep your essential items snug and secure, in this super-soft step-through belt that can be worn at the gym, on the run, and around town.
  • Comfortable and stylish,
  • The Hipster stretches to fit your individual contours,
  • And best of all, it fits your iPhone 6 Plus!

I was at Portland Running Company trading in my shoes for a new pair when I saw The Hipster on the back wall. I was immediately drawn to it because I had been casually searching for a running belt that would hold my wide cell phone and I had yet to find one. As much as I hate running with a cell phone, it’s necessary for me to do so while my kids are in school “just in case.”  I hate keeping it in my pocket where it can bounce around and I also wanted to be able to access it easily if I opted to use my wireless ear buds. So when I saw it, I took my Droid Turbo 2 Phone out and tried to fit it into one of the slots in the belt and lo and behold, it fit!

Initial Impressions: The first thing I noticed was that the material was stretchy and soft which is a huge plus if you’re going to be stuck with it for a while. The second thing I noticed was that it had 4 foldover pockets and no zippers. Each of the pockets is basically just two overlapping folds that are deep enough to cover whatever you want to keep inside. My phone fit into it easily and there was no danger of it falling out. The Hipster comes in different sizes (XS, S, M, L, and XL) and I jumped around a bit after I’d slipped it over my hips and was impressed with how it stayed put. The material felt smooth but not slippery and there was good grip to it.

Performance Impressions: The first time I wore it, I slid my phone into it for a quick 2 miler on a trail run. After I got it adjusted around my hips and under my jacket, I didn’t even notice I had it on. My phone never jiggled and it never felt too loose or tight. It was raining while I tested it, but my phone stayed dry. It easily fit under my jacket like an extension of my shirt.

I decided I needed to take it for a longer run to really see how it performed, so my next test was a 14 mile run on the waterfront. I didn’t take my phone for that run, but I took a bulky car key and a few Clif Shot Bloks in a ziplock bag. Having 4 pockets gave me some options as well. During the long run, I had to readjust it a few times, but it was really just a small tug here and there. Overall, it stayed pretty much exactly where I placed it and I again forgot I was wearing it. In fact, when I was done with my run, I forgot I had it on until after I got home.

Pros: For me, the pros of The Hipster are related to my own personal preferences. I love that The Hipster doesn’t have an adjustable strap because I find myself constantly adjusting them on other belts and some even have that irritating excess part that hangs out or doesn’t tuck in easily anywhere. There have been times in the past where I’ve worried about ordering a belt in a specific size because I am concerned with how it will fit, but if done right, I like them much better. I measured my waist and used the sizing chart and it was a perfect fit for my hips. I also like that there are no zippers to get anything jammed up on. The simplicity of the belt was the biggest attraction for me other than the material. The belt is 86% spandex and 14% nylon, and it is not hot or heavy. It’s meant to move with your body as you run and it accomplishes this very well. Having 4 pockets means you can tuck a few things away and you can decide if you want those items located in the front, back, or side of your body.

Cons: The only con I could see is that if you order the wrong size, the fit won’t be right. Some people like wearing belts on their hips and some on their waists, so you need to measure yourself and use the size chart accordingly. Also, this belt is not a hydration belt, so if you are looking for a place for your water, this would not accommodate that. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend you putting anything too heavy in any of the pockets. The best use for the belt is to have a place to put a few small items if you don’t have pockets.

I look forward to running more in The Hipster and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a simple expandable storage belt.

Thank you to NATHAN for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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