Ainsley’s Angels coming to Oregon

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I am an Ambassador for a non-profit organization called Ainsley’s Angels, whose core values lie in inclusion of and advocacy for America’s exceptional special needs community. One of the methods we use to educate others of these values is through activism in communities, specifically in endurance events. We pair “Angel Runners” (able-bodied athletes) with “Angel Rider Athletes” (those that are physically unable to complete an endurance event without assistance). Our efforts have been embraced across the Nation by events such as the Marine Corps Marathon, the Ragnar Relay Series, the Rock n’ Roll Marathon Series, and the Louisiana Marathon Series. Ainsley’s Angels of America currently spans over 32 states and in 50 cities.

The excitement and butterflies when you are toeing the start line, the smile you get on your face crossing the finish line, and all of the cheers throughout the run. Nothing is better than being able to share that with an Athlete Rider. So I am excited to let you know that Ainsley’s Angels is now active in Northern Oregon and looking for able-bodied runners, athlete riders, and volunteers who want to join our mission. Our chariot fleet consist of Freedom, Axiom, and Hoyt running chairs.

We are continuing to build our race schedule and would love to be featured in a blog, race, or any other avenue to spread inclusion. We have sponsorship opportunities available to showcase your business/group on our chairs, rolling throughout the Northwest.

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