The final countdown! Good luck at the 2017 Shamrock Run Portland!



It’s official. The 2017 Portland Shamrock Run is under two weeks away! It seemed like yesterday I was talking about getting myself back into shape and ready for participation. I feel fully ready at this point, so much so that I am running a half marathon the week prior to race day! Things are looking up! Much better then when I posted this:

Full transparency – I haven’t been a very good runner the past 45 days or so. The increase in holiday feasts and parties, as well as colder and wetter temperatures, has had the direct inverse relation to my running and overall healthy living. Add in a new member to my family (which comes with a lot of sleepless nights and exhausting days), and it really should come as no surprise that I’m not super happy with the way I feel right now.

Now I have logged over 230 miles this year and I feel strong. I have trained on flat land, in rain, and even on hills to tackle the new course. In case you forgot, or haven’t been doing due diligence in checking out their page, Shamrock Run had to alter their course due to Portland policing issues downtown (as you may have seen, numerous races that have a history of running downtown have had to alter their events this year). But, even with the course change, there is still a challenge at stake. From our post on the course and time changes:

Half Marathon course

Half Marathon course

In 2017, the 5k course and 8k course will both be 0ut-and-back and will NOT be run through downtown. The 5k will head SOUTH on Naito before turning around just after the I-405 overpass. The 8k will head NORTH on Naito and Front streets and turn around just shy of NW 26th. While it’s a bummer for those who like running through the downtown skyrises, remember that the changes appear to be out of Shamrock’s hands due to the request of the city.

The 15k course and half marathon 15k and half marathon will also not be going through downtown any longer. These longer distances will actually reverse their courses, with the 15 heading south and climbing UP Barbur right off the bat, then cruising down the Terwilliger Hills. The half marathon will start heading north on Naito and Front, before returning to the Waterfront and following the same 15k route (up Barbur, down Terwilliger).

Regardless of the course changes, weather, and performances, there will surely be thousands of memories made. That is one true thing about Shamrock – I remember what they were like. I run dozens of races each year, and I have forgotten a lot of them. But, for some reason, toeing the line with tens of thousands other runners seems to make sure that my Shamrock memories are kept. Awesomely, my memory of a rain-soaked 2016 Shamrock will be somewhat alleviated, no matter what the weather with the promise of huge tents at Waterfront Park.

Our Run Oregon bloggers didn’t disagree with this assessment when they harkened back on Shamrock’s passed.

We got up [one] morning and it was raining in sheets outside, and my husband said “do you think the race will be cancelled?” It was one of the funniest things he has ever said to me, and it was very obvious to me that he didn’t know Portland runners, or the Shamrock for that matter. I told him, “just wait, you’ll see.” We got downtown and there was a sea of runners standing out in it. It honestly makes me really proud to be a runner. People will come out in droves for races. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining or even snowing. People will show up. It’s one of the things I love about Portland races – especially this one. Every year, I walk back to the car soaked to the skin, but I always feel proud of myself for doing it, and it’s even better when you see everyone else doing it too.

Even if you didn’t sign up with a team or join Shamrock’s official training group, there is still a great comradery to the event. It’s hard to have a conversation with a runner where you won’t have a Shamrock or two in common. And if you run into Run Oregon blogger Joe Dudman, you may have 13 Shamrock Runs in common! Joe has lots of “doubles” under his belt:

My personal memories of The Shamrock Run include several “doubles” in which I succumbed to the lure of the schedule and ran two of the races in the same day, usually the 5k, along with the 8k or 15k. Running the 15k after racing the 5k full out is quite an experience and an excellent example of running on fumes! Still, it was a nice sense of accomplishment, and I even managed to come away with two Adidas bags on a couple of occasions. Luckily, my mother’s birthday was later in March, and she was an avid hiker, so it worked out well.

As he mentioned in his post,  the “double down challenge” has become an official part of the Shamrock Run. Runners who register and run both the 5k and 8k will receive a metal beer cup and twice the amount of awesome.

Lastly, don’t forget that the Shamrock Fitness Fair kicks things off on race weekend – Friday, March 17th (11a-7p) and Saturday, March 18 (9a-3p).

The Fitness Fair is held within the Oregon Convention Center and is the place to pick up your bibs and shirts. Feel free to bring your family (it’s open to the public). The kids will enjoy Leprechaun Lane. Think about coming between 430p and 6 on Friday, to check out live music and partake in munching on some appetizers and washing it down with the latest Widmer beer.

In addition to all things Shamrock, there will be over 80 exhibitors on site for you to get details and discounts on races, running clubs, fitness products, food and beverages, as well as  games and contests from all kinds of booths. Here is a list (from the Shamrock website).

Good luck out there. If your training for Shamrock was spot on, or even if you struggled a bit getting going, just remember to go out there and enjoy the experience.

Make memories.

Be a runner.

Take it all in.

We can’t wait to see you all!

Shamrock Run

When: Sunday, March 19, 2017
Where: Waterfront Park, Portland, OR
Start Times:

  • 5k – 8:00am
  • 15k – 8:50am
  • Half – 9:20am
  • 1k – 9:40am
  • 8k – 10:10am
  • 5k walk – 10:30am

Registration: Online here

Registration cost:

  • 5k & 8k – $44 Adults ($15 children 12 and under) – Double Down for $54
  • 15k – $54
  • Half Marathon – $95

Registration includes:

  • Adidas race shirt
  • Cup of Irish Potato Soup made with Pacific Foods products
  • 12 oz. Widmer Brothers beer (for ages 21 and up)
  • Medals for 15k and half marathon finishers

Packet Pickup:

  • Oregon Convention Center
    • March 17, 11am-7pm
    • March 18, 9am-3pm
    • Day of race starting at 6:30am
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