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The FALKE brand comes from Germany and has been around for quite some time. They have been making apparel that touches on the whole wardrobe landscape for over 100 years. From underwear and socks to shirts and sweaters, and even a luxury line of cashmere and fine threads, they have it all covered. They even have a sports line for us active individuals as well.

Shape and functionality meets timeless elegance and refinement. Functionality as a base, produced by natural fibers in combination with the most technically high-quality yarn polyamide, combines with a puristic design language, which flatters the ergonomics of the body and contributes to well-being. Refined, the lines guide the silhouette of the body in scene. Special feature of sporty elegant products is their variability. The flexible layering allows the integration of the sportswear into the everyday life.

Longsleeved Shirt Comfort Wool-Tech

This is an item that could seemingly be worn in multiple settings – both as a baselayer and a casual top. After a few wears, the construction of the top displays two obvious characteristics – cold weather warming and a supremely soft wear.

Like you probably already are familiar with, Merino Wool is a great fabric to keep bodies warm, absorb moisture, and be quick drying. This shirt also has some neat features such as:

  • Double-layered around kidneys for extra protection from the cold
  • “Flex Zones” for easy mobility (around the shoulders and elbows”
  • Ventilation areas in important areas, such as armpits and back

In addition to all the features, man is this top soft. It’s definitely not a cheap baselayer that itches or scratches after a wear or two. I wore this on a handful of runs during the cold spell we had this winter, and always felt comfortable – both in the contact with my body and the warmth it provided. That can sometimes be a hard combination to find.

3/4 Tights

As mentioned earlier, this is really a stylish piece of apparel – even outside of the sports arena. If you have the athletic body for it (I’m not quite there), it is a standout piece that would really look sleek on a V-shaped torso. I would say to definitely purchase a size larger than you think, as the German/American size correlation appears to be a little different. The price-point makes this a definite investment, but it seems like a really solidly constructed baselayer.

These were a little thicker pair of tights than I am used to wearing. They aren’t necessarily made for running, but they would definitely do the trick on those chilly morning runs or for usage as a baselayer under ski pants. Despite the thickness, they are well constructed and fit snug. With the moisture wicking material, they would be perfect for a day on the slopes or running some snow packed trails. I don’t run in those conditions often (though the first few months of 2017 were perfect!), but it’s nice to have some tights for the occasional frigid run.


Impressions: 3/4 Tight Light Women Running *Reviewed by Teresa*

I live in leggings, which means I wear them at home, at work and everywhere in between. When you wear leggings 365 days a year, it means you rotate through a whole lot of spandex.

I tested a light style 3/4 length tight from Falke. These will definitely not be stored with winter clothes as the weather (hopefully) turns over into warmer temperatures. With the exception of a few extremely hot days in the summer, these leggings would be perfect running pants all year long. They are lightweight, hold everything in place and the material combination is soft and comfortable.

While leggings seem like they should be an easy product to produce, it isn’t always the case. Too often they sag in the crotch area, the knees stretch out or the cut/material shows too much skin and leave little to the imagination. The ¾ length tight light running pants impressed me. They fit great, which isn’t always easy when you’re just under 5’4” and were beyond comfortable, like comfortable enough I’d sleep in these.

With a higher waist, they keep everything pulled in, there aren’t any seams to chafe and I love that they have reflective ‘decoration’ along the leg. I didn’t have to stop mid-run and hike them up, they stayed put like a second skin. The material combination of 95% nylon and 5% elastane keeps these tights lightweight, while still providing full coverage even when you bend over to tie your shoes.

There’s plenty to explore on the Falke website and if their other products compare with their leggings, I’m impressed. The leggings were functional, which is huge, comfortable, which is also important and impressive quality. It’s worth it to pay a little extra for products that will get a lot of use and endure some serious mileage and these are just that. They were very well constructed, dried super fast after washing and look good.

Product Details:

  • Super-light material
  • Seamless technology
  • Less material in the back of the knee
  • Thicker structure at the front of the knee
  • Reflective details
  • Small key pocket at the front

Thank you to Falke for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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