8 weeks down, 3 to go! Updates on my 2017 Shamrock Run training



It has now been 8 weeks since I first mentioned my recommitment to running and training for the 2017 Portland Shamrock Run. Since that time, we have posted on their new times and routes, team options and remembering back on Run Oregon’s favorite Shamrock memories. Additionally, we have showcased the Shamrock Training Group with Fleet Feet PDX, Shamrock Fitness Fair, and Joe highlighted his numerous race shirts. I updated my progress about a month ago, but we have really hit the homestretch.

I continue to  a LOT less than I typically do, still having only competed in Run Wild Adventures’ New Years Day Hangover 5k, 3k, AND beer mile. However, after a January saw me log about 110 miles, I am finishing up February with about the same amount – in 3 less days. My runs have been much longer as well, as February really saw me extend my running into 8-10+ miles instead of just a bunch of 4-5 milers. In some of my long runs, I felt faster and more energized in the later stages of the run, something that will definitely come in handy.

I have even taken to doing something I mostly despise – hills. While I don’t live near enough to Portland to run Terwilliger with any consistency, I have done some short climbs in Salem’s Bush Park on the “Derby Hill” as well as some longer more gradual stretches on a run in Las Vegas and in Tryon Creek. They are certainly no Shamrock climbs, but I am feeling pretty confident that I will be able to tackle the elevation changes appropriately.

We will have a few more posts throughout March about the upcoming Shamrock Run (less than 3 weeks away!), so stay tuned.

How is your training going? Let me know so we can stay motivated together!

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