What Run Oregon is Wearing: RunLites Fleece II Gloves, Mittens, and LED Light Units

RunLites are a great addition to your cold-weather running gear; they’re gloves with LED lights built into them that make you more visible on the run and give you a rechargeable option that is perfect for those who don’t like to carry anything. They also have fingerless gloves; great for warmer-weather running, especially relays where they can double as a hands-free flashlight as you dig through your bag at 2a. Kelly reviewed the fingerless gloves in March 2016; read that review here and read on below for reviews of their newest cold-weather products:

Nikki’s Impressions:

RunLites Fleece II Gloves

It’s been a cold and dark winter in Portland. Maybe if we lived somewhere like Colorado or Alaska, we’d be accustomed to running in the snow and icy wind, but we just aren’t acclimated here. I’ve never felt a need for thick running gloves until this season, but it doesn’t seem like winters in Oregon are going away anytime soon, so I was happy to try out the RunLites Fleece II Gloves to see if I could decrease the chances of my fingers going numb. It was an added bonus to also have the option of the RunLites LED Light Units V.2 that conveniently fit inside the gloves so you can use them for those winter nights too!!

The lights for the gloves are sold separately, and they will work in any RunLites gloves or slings. If it’s not dark outside, you don’t need the lights and they work great as a stand-alone cold weather glove. I wore them when it was snowing outside, and they kept my hands nice and toasty. They are a slim fit (it’s recommended that you order a size larger than you normally would) and have long cuffs that tuck nicely into your running jacket and a reflective palm strip for higher visibility when you do wear them in the dark. They are also “text- and tech-friendly” which helps if you are fiddling with music on your phone like I was. They are a bit more cumbersome to maneuver with than my usual lightweight gloves, but that’s to be expected for heavy-duty fleece gloves, and it’s a small price to pay for the warmth they bring.

RunLites LED Lights (v2)

As far as how they do in the dark, admittedly it was an adjustment having lights on my hands. Generally if I run at night, I wear a headlamp which works just fine, though I know a lot of runners hate wearing them. Headlamps do get a bit awkward and annoying if you can’t get the right fit or angle on the light, especially if you want to wear a hat with a bill on it. The LED lights that go in the gloves take all of those problems away. They are small, lightweight, and stay put once they have been inserted. They have a little bit of Velcro on them and they attach easily to the inside of the gloves. You don’t feel them at all and they shine where you need them to. They are also bright (you can set them for 40 or 80 lumen) and they are rechargeable, so no worries about the battery suddenly going out on them.  If I had one complaint at all, it would be that they can be a bit distracting to others, but so would a headlamp. I find it’s better to distract people than to not be seen in the dark while running. Now that I’ve tried them, I think I’ve found a good replacement for the headlamp in the winter.

Annette’s Impressions: 

RunLites Mittens

Whenever I run in the winter, the last thing to warm up is my fingers. Despite wearing gloves, my hands are always cold from the start. Because of this, I decided to try out the RunLites Mittens. I figured there was a good chance mittens would keep my fingers warmer than gloves. My pink fleece mittens arrived, along with RunLites Liners and LED Lights. If your hands are always cold, like mine, I would definitely recommend getting the liners along with the mittens for an additional layer of warmth and comfort. The liners come without a thumb, so that you can use the tech-friendly thumbs of the mittens for whatever technology you use while running. The one-size fits most liners fit comfortably and were not bulky underneath the mittens. My fuzzy pink mittens are adorable, but I made the mistake of just going with my usual glove size instead of referring to the handy size guide on the website. Due to this oversight, my mittens are a bit roomy. I highly recommend taking a few moments to check the size guide!

RunLites Liners

Despite the extra room in my mittens, they were cozy and super warm. While my running friend’s hands were freezing during the entire run in the gloves she was wearing, I was able to remove my mittens about halfway through my run because my hands had warmed up nicely.

I appreciated the tech-friendly thumb, which allowed me to easily start my GPS watch without having to remove my mittens. The RunLites LED Lights are easy to insert (and remove) into the top of the mittens and, as Nikki mentioned, they are quite bright.

The only negative about these mittens is that they are so efficient at warming my hands, I won’t have many more cold enough days to use them this winter. I might have to get a pair of the Half Length Gloves or the RunLites Sling so that I can use the LED Lights as spring arrives.

Turn Night into Light. Only RunLites gloves put light where you need it when you’re running, walking, cycling, hiking or hunting at night or in low-light areas.

RunLites Fleece II Gloves $29.95
RunLites Mittens $29.95
RunLites Liners $12.95
RunLites LED Lights $19.95

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