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Course Changes to Three Capes Relay

A view from the Three Capes Relay course.

A view from the Three Capes Relay course.

Planning on running the Three Capes Relay on February 25th? In order to accommodate growing popularity and to keep all participants as safe as possible, there are some changes you should be aware of before you get out there to run and I’m sure you will also enjoy more parking space! You can also always find the course map here as well.

Change to Leg 2: This leg has increased from 4.11 miles to 5.44 miles and now finishes right after you reach the Whiskey Creek Fish Hatchery and provides a larger parking area. The difficulty rating of “difficult” has not changed.

Change to Leg 3: Previously 6.35 miles, this leg is now shorter at 5.02 miles due to starting later. The rating of “extremely difficult” is the same, as the almost 1,200 foot climb hasn’t changed.

Change to Leg 4: The mileage for this leg has increased from 4.25 miles to 6.82 miles and now finishes on Sandlake Road. Again, a larger parking area will be provided and Nestucca County Fire Station will not be utilized. The rating for this leg has changed from “easy” to “moderate,” but only due to the mileage increase.

Change to Leg 5: This leg has decreased from 7.02 miles to 4.45 miles and is now considered the easiest leg on the course. It was previously a “moderate” level and is now “easy.”

Our team is joking around that this is perfect, as there are three of us who haven’t exactly been training the way we’d like to for this relay. Now the distances are working out in our favor so those who HAVE been training are getting more miles and the rest of us won’t impact our overall time as much. Perhaps the best thing about this relay, though, is that even if you haven’t logged as many miles as you’d like to for a relay, it’s just one leg per runner.

Lastly of important note, be aware that after you complete this challenging and beautiful race, there will be a finisher’s medal, a free beer from Pelican Pub, and some hot clam chowder waiting for you at the finish line. See you there!

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