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Be Relentless.

That is a very simple moniker, but is one that really is really good to take to heart. It’s so easy to just go with the flow, get caught up in the mondane, and lose yourself to stuff that doesn’t matter. To me, being relentless means to tackle challenges head on and not give up under any circumstances. This doesn’t have to be limited to to just running or fitness – it can carry over to work, family, and everyday life. It’s something that I definitely need to keep in the forefront of my mind a little more.

This phrase is the descriptor of AlphaCor Athletics, an apparel company that features t-shirts, hoodies, and tank tops.

AlphaCor sent us a few of their white lifestyle logo tops (Alpha T-shirt in men’s and Alpha Razorback Tank in women’s).

Matt: AlphaCor has plenty of different sports and lifestyle items in their shop and their 60% cotton / 40% polyester blend tee is probably the simplest of the bunch. It can be used in any workout, and will definitely be infinitely more comfortable than a 100% cotton top. The shirt is super soft ot the touch and one that has entered my wardrobe as a post-run option. I just love how simple and understated the design is. I would recommend checking out Alphaor’s entire line to see if something strikes your fancy.

Rachel: I admittedly own a lot of athletic tops, and at times will forget that I even own certain one’s because I wear them so infrequently. With that being said, when I find a favorite, I wear that favorite. I wear it a lot. When I first saw the Alpha Razorback Tank I knew right off the bat that it was going to be a new favorite. The thing I enjoy most about it is its simplicity. I definitely tend to shy away from bright colors and “loud” clothes in general so I happen to really appreciate that the tank was a simple white with the black AlphaCor logo on the chest. I also love the fit of the tank. I despise super tight fitting tops on myself, and the Alpha Razorback tank was just the right amount of loose without looking like it was a size too large. This tank is definitely meant to be worn more casually or doing a light workout in the gym since it is made of a 60% cotton, 40% polyester blend. I wore this tank to do some strength training in the gym and even I thought I looked pretty dang stylish. I can absolutely see myself wearing this tank out casually to run errands as well. I would describe the Alpha Razorback tank as sporty chic.

More about AlphaCor:

AlphaCor Athletics was founded on 2016 with a vision to create a Relentless movement of individuals passionate about what they do and choose to never settle. They approach their day with confidence and do whatever it takes until the goal and vision in mind is accomplished. They stop at nothing until that goal is conquered. They are confident individuals that lead by example and grab life by the horns and make their presence be known and felt. They are the Alphas of their life, it is in their Cor and they will Relentlessly do whatever it takes to accomplish it.

We provide more than a product. we provide you the flag, the armor, the feeling of being Relentless with our apparel. The quality, style, design and touch of any of our pieces will unleash that inner Alpha inside you that is screaming to be let out into the world. You will feel more confident, you will perform better and take on anything that dares come your way. You will approach life with control and stop at nothing and conquer anything.

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