Race Preview: 2017 Camelback Run (15k & 5k)

The hills of Phoenix never looked so good!

For us who live between Portland and Eugene, we usually have a pretty easily accessible and full slate of races to choose from each year. However, there is something to be said about exploring Oregon and the local races that support great causes. One excuse that we make about travelling is the cost of doing so. But with Phoenix’s Camelback Run only being $10 (!), you can more easily balance out your gas and entry fees than if you stayed close by.

The Camelback Runs consist of a 15k and 5k, both of which take place on quiet rural roads of this small Southern Oregon town. The 15k is actually well-known by local distance runners and the race name itself is a product of the “Camelback” hill that occurs in the middle of the run. The town of Phoenix is already about 1500 feet above sea level, and between miles 2.5 and 5.5, there will be a steady climb upwards about 500 feet. The course is giant loop west of town, which will run alongside orchards, farms, and amazing views.

The 5k is an out-and-back on Camp Baker Road turns around at what Phoenix runners know as “The Fountain” on Camp Baker Road (see map between mile 7 & 8 of the 15k).

This event raises money for the Phoenix High School Track and Field to assist with offsetting the costs of their meet’s entry fees, as well as going to buy new throwing and jumping equipment and attempt to resurface their track.

Camelback Run (Phoenix)
When: Saturday, February 25 (915a. – 15K; 930a. – 5K)
Where: Phoenix High School track, 745 N Rose St., Phoenix
Register: Online here; $10 -($15 DOR) – Shirts available for $10


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