What Run Oregon is Wearing: Indosole shoes

army_mens_kota_repurposed_tire_shoes_2017_grandeAs a runner (and generally athletic person), I often find myself gravitating toward running shoes or athletic shoes of some type.  However, when it comes time for me to put on a pair of shoes for regular (i.e. non-running) activities, I am oftentimes stumped.  By way of excuses, I can often be heard saying things like, “..but they’re not comfortable,” or, “..but what if I have to suddenly run after something?  Those shoes would fly right off!”  Or even, “…well, they’re just not cute!

indosole-kota3Now, however, since acquiring a pair of Indosole Kota shoes (in olive green, one of my favorite colors, I might add!), I no longer have an excuse.  I have worn these shoes for just about everything except running and can safely say that they’re comfortable, sturdy and cute.  I put them on and immediately exclaimed over how incredibly padded the soles are!  “Just like walking on pillows!” I commented to my husband, who expressed his envy and wished for a pair of his own (sorry, honey!)

They work with jeans, with leggings, leg warmers and even with sweatpants!  I like to leave the top eyelets unlaced because otherwise I find the neck of the shoe to be too tight on my ankle.  The canvas material allows them to be breathable while still being sturdy enough not to fly off if you have to walk quickly or suddenly change direction.  They fit true to size, in my experience, and the toe doesn’t pinch.  To me, they are like a cross between a Converse All-Star and a good, old-fashioned Ked shoe.  Casual, versatile and timeless.


Company: Indosole
Shoe: Kota
Price: $75
Specs (from Indosole website): 

Meaning ‘city’ in Indonesian, the Kota was designed with urban dwellers in mind. With inner tube toecaps and our signature repurposed tire soles, this is a shoe that adds edge to any outfit, durable enough for all your wild adventures. Zip it up, zip it down, get out on the town.

  • 100% repurposed rubber tire soles
  • Custom dyed canvas uppers with embroidered woven logo label
  • Tire inner tube toecaps and voxing
  • Custom molded EVA foam insole with arch support and heel padding for extra comfort
  • Zipper on the side for easy on and off
  • Each pair weighs about 14 oz / 397 g
  • Machine washable (including insole) – dry in the sunshine
  • Responsibly crafted – no animals, no fuel powered machinery


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