What Run Oregon Is Wearing: Prismsport

Why Prism? We wanted to change things up. We wanted patterned activewear that mixed fashion, performance, flexibility + smart manufacturing. The difference is in our details.

PRISMSPORT was launched in 2013 by Emily Vitale and Lori Florio. Tired of dark shades — boring colors + uninspired combinations, we didn’t want to just look good exercising, we wanted our activewear to perform well, too. We began with a single pattern and our fresh take on performance wear was an instant hit. PRISMSPORT is now a full range of women’s workout clothes that let you workout + walk out in prints + solid styles that reference trends, but are never trendy. All prints pass the all-important PRISMSPORT thigh test: every pattern must flatter. Today, we sweat, live + laugh in print — we #LIVEINPRISM.

After wearing several of Prismsport‘s capri pants and loving them, I jumped at the opportunity to try out some of their new Heather Collection items.

UrbanTrack Pant: $72
Beanie – Charcoal Heather: $22.40
Reversible Heather Headband: $20

My Prismsport products arrived the day before I was to fly out to Idaho for Christmas. I tried on the UrbanTrack Pant and knew immediately that I was going to wear them on the plane. The fabric is super soft and the pants fit really comfortably and are true to size. I am all about travelling in comfortable clothes, so I knew these would be perfect. And, since the weather forecast in Idaho was COLD, I figured these cozy pants were just right. I love that these pants have usable pockets and the cute cuff around the ankle is a nice touch. The cuff is comfortably fitted, but not tight so I hardly noticed it while I was wearing them. No question, these are the perfect pant for casual comfort. While slightly dressier than wearing sweats, they achieve the same comfort with a little more style if you are out and about. I got several compliments on my “cute pants” and stayed warm and comfortable all day. The next week when I came down with an illness and was stuck at home resting all day, my first thought was to put on my UrbanTrack Pants. They were perfect for lounging around the house on a sick day. And, if you have to head out to the store or wherever, you won’t look like you just snuck out of the house in your sweats.

With all this cold weather we’ve been having and my trip to chilly Idaho, I was glad to have the Prismsport Beanie and Reversible Heather Headbands. The beanie is made of fabric that has the same super-softness of the pants. The moisture-wicking beanie has 2 layers of fabric for warmth, but it won’t make your head feel too hot. It fit comfortably and stayed put over my ears to keep them warm during my cold outdoor activities. On really cold days, I would recommend this as a base layer under a warmer hat, but for the high 30s and low 40s, this hat worked great for running or just being outdoors.

The Reversible Heather Headbands are made of the same fabric, but with two different colors. Either charcoal heather or navy on one side and black on the other. Like the beanie, it is moisture-wicking and double layered, so it is great for a run (or other outdoor activity) on a cold day. I like that it was large enough to cover my ears and keep them warm, while it tapered in the back so that it fit under my ponytail without the need for bunching or folding. I love the super soft fabric which means no itchiness under my headband. Although the soft fabric may have been why the headband moved around a bit and had to be readjusted several times to keep my ears covered. But, I seem to have to do that with any headband I have. The headband isn’t super thick, so you can wear it alone or under a hat if needed.

Overall, I am loving the items I have from Prismsport’s Heather Collection. The fabric is amazingly soft and comfortable, making me want to wear everything all the time. I like the heathered print which gives the items a little variety as opposed to just a plain black or blue. Between these items and the capris I have, I have to say that Prismsport makes some amazing fabric choices. I could live happily and comfortably in their clothing 24/7.


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Annette Vaughan is a runner and personal trainer in Canby, Oregon. She began running at the age of 30 and became hooked after her first race (even though she is a self-proclaimed slow runner.) She enjoys small local races from 5Ks to half-marathons, with a 30K on the books as her longest run ever. She has also become a huge fan of obstacle course races and just can't get enough of them. Annette is a certified personal trainer, who believes in promoting movement since our bodies were designed to move. The more we move, the better we move and function in everyday life.

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  1. Great article about Prism Sport! We carry the line at Lulu’s Boutique in Bend Oregon and our customers love the brand!

  2. I bought the Heather running top and my first time wearing it I got pills! Granted I also wore a light Camelback for water, but still. I contacted customer service and they best they could do is offer me 50% off my next purchase because I bought it at a retail store and not directly from them. Seriously? That doesn’t even make sense and why would I buy something else from them when my 1st purchase doesn’t even hold up? I prefer buying from companies that stand behind the quality of their products. I don’t recommend this Prismsport at all.

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