Low-cost stocking stuffers for your favorite runners

Between all of us bloggers, we run … a lot. And we all have our “favorite” things that may not seem like a big deal, but if forget them on race day or go to reach for it at the trailhead of our long run and it’s not there, it is a big deal. So, here’s a sampling of some of our favorite little (low-cost) things for you to consider as stocking stuffers for the runners in your life.

Body Glide mini:
Body Glide is such a necessity for long runs for the Bartens that at our wedding, there was even a joke about using Body Glide to get the ring on over my husband’s bony knuckles. And it’s now available in a mini size, so it can reside day after day day in your running bag or (during the cooler months) in your car. These mini sticks are 0.35 oz and are small enough to fit in your pocket, which can be helpful on those hot summer runs where there’s no substitute for re-applying. You can pick this up at most running stores, it’s listed for $4.99 on the Body Glide website.

Gu (or Hammer Gel):
The key to gifting Gu is to find out which flavors and brand your favorite runner like. Living in the same house as them is the easiest; as you probably already know what they like and don’t like. Otherwise, you can just ask them … as runners, Gu flavors are right up there on the list of “things runners talk about” along with the best long run routes and whether there are any promo codes for the Portland Marathon flying around out there. And if all else fails, just get them a gift card to your favorite local running store and let them pick out their own!

Gummy Bears/jelly beans:
While some Run Oregon bloggers swear that the Haribo brand is the only Gummi worth eating, there are a lot of brands you can pick up pretty much anywhere for just a few bucks. Slap a “Runner Emergency Food” label on the bag and you’ve got a customized runner gift!

The NATHAN Hipster Running Belt:
It’s small, it’s lightweight, and it fits comfortably around the hips. Available in five colors, the Hipster is sized, so you’ll need to have an idea of your friends’ preferred fit. I wear around a size 10 pants and the size L was perfect for me; I like that it doesn’t have any zippers so it’s easy to get into with one hand. I used to just carry my phone in my hand when running, but now it annoys me to do so when my Hipster is in the wash! The pockets are an overlapping clamshell, so you don’t have to worry about losing things on the run. I usually run with my phone, but there’s also plenty of room to also hold my car key, Gu, gloves (once I warm up), and a credit card – which I carry with me when running on work trips (along with, of course, my hotel keycard). It’s available on the NATHAN website for $24.99.

Dakine glove liners:
For just $15 at REI, you won’t find a better price on a lightweight tech-material glove. They’re not “running gloves,” rather they are designed to be worn under ski gloves, but I think they are the perfect weight for running because they provide just enough warmth without making your fingers sweat. I bought myself the ones pictured at right; they have a few different designs. Available at the same price for both men and women.

The design shown at right is called “Fireside black.” 

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