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About a month ago, fellow Run Oregon blogger, Matt Rasmussen, did a pretty exceptional job of reviewing some clothing items he had received through the company, Royal Robbins. This time, I was the lucky recipient of some of their womens' items. As Matt had mentioned in his previous post, Royal Robbins is a company geared towards a wide variety of outdoor activities, leaning more heavily towards casual outdoor wear and rock climbing, where they initially stepped into the outdoor wear spotlight.

Company: Prior to getting the opportunity to test out their gear, I admittedly had not heard of Royal Robbins. As an outdoor enthusiast however, I was super excited to be introduced to this new-to-me brand as I had an inkling that their items would be just right for the adventures I often find myself in. Here is a brief synopsis on how the company started out, (as mentioned previously in Matt Rasmussen’s Royal Robbins post):

Royal Robbins and his wife Liz were iconic Sierra Nevada rock climbers during the 1960s. They belonged to a scrappy band of modern climber/philosophers who coined and embraced the term “clean climbing”: a set of practices and techniques that enabled them to climb big walls with little or no damage to the rock, a literal representation of their lived ethos of deep respect for the natural world. Royal and Liz, the first woman to climb Half Dome in Yosemite.

When Royal and Liz were making their mark in the climbing world, the outdoor apparel industry started and ended with Army surplus and jean cut-offs. Climbers and hikers sorely needed clothing that could move, that could stand up to the harsh Yosemite granite, and that fit well and looked good.

Today, our heritage brand still makes enduring, classic, outdoor clothing for people who embody a love for the natural world. Our modern classics enable people to get up in the morning and “dress once.” Our clothing performs well because it moves, dries, packs and wears extremely well. We embrace a refined aesthetic with a sophisticated, nature-inspired palette that is understated, classic and smart. It works on the trail, at the office, on a plane, at dinner. Our clothing literally goes everywhere.



Foxtail Fleece

Foxtail Fleece

The Foxtail Fleece Shirt Jack is essentially a quilted fleece jacket with snap button enclosures. This jacket includes “rotated shoulder seams,” which are “designed for backpacking.” The material is also quick dry, meaning it will wick moisture and dry quickly making it ideal for travel and other outdoor activities. Of the three items, the Foxtail Fleece Jack was my absolute favorite. Unfortunately, it did run on the big side, I especially noticed this in the shoulder area as well as the actual body of the jacket. Despite this, I found myself wearing the fleece jacket in my house and around town running errands. I really enjoyed the overall look of this jacket; it kind of had a country vibe to it. I received the jacket in the navy color (1 of 3 color options) and I often paired it with black leggings and a t-shirt. I did end up washing this jacket (machine wash cold) and it did shrink a little bit. While the jacket shrinking definitely worked in my favor, this is something others should make note of. The size options for the Foxtail Fleece Jack come in XS to XL.

Go Everywhere Henley

Go Everywhere Henley

The Merino Lux Go Everywhere Henley comes in five color options and in sizes XS to XL. It is made of a Sorona/Merino Wool blend making it optimal for outdoor adventures with its moisture wicking and quick drying capabilities. Anti microbial odor control and UPF protection also makes the Go Everywhere Henley a top candidate for warmer weather, while its thermal properties make it a smart choice for cooler weather. I really love the casual look of the Go Everywhere Henley. I think this top is super cute for the outdoors but is also super cute to just wear casually paired with just about anything. The only problem I ran into was the same as the Fleece Jack; it was too big. While I normally enjoy baggier tops, the shoulders of the Go Everywhere Henley were the most noticeable. I will probably use the Henley as a layering piece for outdoor activities, but personally probably will not be wearing this item as a stand alone piece.

**For size comparison purposes, I am 5’1 and received both the Foxtail Fleece Jack and the Go Everywhere Henley in XS.**

Cross Town Stretch Pant

The Cross Town Stretch Pant, made of a polyester/rayon/spandex blend, are designed with UPF Protection, wrinkle resistance and quick dry fabric. The slim fit, pull on style pant include two-way and four-way stretch fabrics that add range of motion and flexibility. The Cross town Stretch Pants are comfortable enough to be worn as sweats but are also refined enough to be worn out to a nice dinner. While I really loved the look and design of the Cross Town Stretch Pant, I encountered the same problem I had encountered with the other items I received from Royal Robbins; they were just too big. The size XS were big in the waist as well as the thigh areas. While I was not able to enjoy these pants to their full potential, I do think the Cross Town Stretch Pant are ideal for just about any woman on the go. Again, I absolutely love that these looked nice enough to dress up or down, depending on the occasion. There are three color options for the Cross Town Stretch Pant.

**I received the Cross Town Stretch Pant in size XS.**

While the items I received from Royal Robbins were too big for my 5’1 frame, I do want to stress the fact that finding good fitting outdoor gear has always been an issue for me regardless of the brand. I hope that this does not deter anyone from trying out Royal Robbins as I definitely feel that their items are of top quality and are tailor-made for a wide array of body types and activities.

Thank you to Royal Robbins for providing us with some items to try. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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