Stocking Stuffer Idea: Epic Wipes (for epic lives)

I have always found filling stockings a tough task. On some level, it can be easy if you pack it full of running staples like socks, body glide, and endurance fuel packets (all great options, don’t get me wrong). But sometimes it can be tough to pack a big gift punch in a confined space. Epic Wipes may just be the right kind of product to do just that.

In its simplest form, Epic Wipes are Extra Large disposable wet wipes. But if you look further, they are multi-functional, biodegradable, toxin free, and made from sustainable resources (i.e. bamboo). They measure in at 31.5 inches by 19 inches, larger than many of its competitors (sometimes 16 times larger!) which makes it easier to just use a single wipe to get completely cleaned up. When packaged, they hardly take up any space so they are great for a gym bag, glove box, camping backpack, or even a pocket.

I know that when I travel long distances by car for work, I often take a “lunch break” along the way and get an hour or so of running in before hitting the road again. While I usually just deal with the stink and the nasty until I get to my final destination, that is definitely not ideal. Having these in your Cascade Lakes Relay or Hood to Coast vans would also be perfect for the nasal sanity of you and your car-mates.

Epic Wipes seem to be a great addition to any outdoor adventure this upcoming year.

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