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People Footwear

Men’s Phillips (Top) & Stanley Knit (Bottom)

While we mostly review running shoes here at Run Oregon, we understand that we can’t wear them 24/7 – as much as we would like. Therefore, we are always looking for stylish, comfortable, and supportive casual footwear to help keep our feet safe and ready for the next run.

People Footwear is a Vancouver–based brand dedicated to producing the next generation of classic casual footwear. We create products that are ultra–light, extremely cushy and perfect for doing whatever it is you love to do. Our brand represents “high–performance leisure” — a quest for laid back self–discovery, deep breaths, and relaxed smiles and we make the footwear to keep you moving in that direction.

Our product is built with innovative materials and the latest high–tech manufacturing techniques all in the name of style, comfort and most importantly, leisure. At People Footwear we look ahead to the future where its lighter, brighter and more comfortable and our products reflect that.


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  • All of People’s shoes are made from EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate – essentially rubberized foam). Each shoe is constructed with EVA, which allows the shoes to be SUPER light, yet remain a pretty decent cushion at the same time. The sockliner (which supposedly molds to each individuals foot, is also made of EVA.


  • For the shoes which are their “standard” (i.e. non-knit) versions, the upper is constructed via their Ezy-Brzy design, which is a combo of 3D-printing and breathable mesh.


  • For the knit shoes, the uppers are made from their patented DreamKnit design. They state that “each panel is efficiently fabricated from a single 2–color layer of polyester thread, offering a supportive fit that contours to your foot while reducing the waste associated with transitional upper fashioning.” (Editor’s Note: If I’m not mistaken, this digital knitting is used in some running shoes).

Initial Impressions:

Matt (Phillips & Stanley Knit):

At first glance, these seemed like straightforward casual shoes, which had me a bit worried. Sometimes shoes in this vein (super light and minimalistic) don’t always provide me with the comfort and support I desire in a casual shoe. However, these are now some of the most comfortable casual shoes I now own, and I am more impressed by their technology and pleasant feel with each day of wear. In an interview on Vamp Footwear, People’s co-founder explained:

We always come from a place of light thinking and a slim aesthetic so we tend to battle a lot of weight issues before we start the development process. Our proprietary SkyLite EVA is used in all our shoes and really is what creates the weightless experience of our shoes. Weight is considered in all aspects of the design from fabric and trim selections, to outsole thicknesses and so on.

The Phillips look almost like a low-top Chuck Taylor and the Stanley is subdued enough (at least in the black color) to be worn with a pair of dressy jeans or some business-casual pants. I am pretty much obsessed with these shoes. Even reading about the technology (see above), it’s still hard to comprehend just how light these shoes are – and STILL feeling durable and supportive. It’s hard to put into words, but these have just been a pleasure to wear. My feet are thanking me.


Joe (Cypress):


The Cypress features a baffle-constructed upper for warmth and softness. It’s built on a Skylite™ EVA outsole and comes with a SuperCush sock-liner.

Impressions: The Cypress look and sound like warm, puffy down jackets for your feet. The upper is constructed of crinkly material stitched together in slightly padded strips, providing a soft, welcoming nest for your feet. Unlike a down jacket, however, the shoes are very light and not at all hot. My feet slide easily into these casual shoes and the uppers envelop them in soft, unobtrusive comfort. The cinch-tightened, stretchy cord laces make fitting them on quick and efficient. The soles are well cushioned and gimmick-free, with subtle arch support and a uniform material throughout.

The Cypress are definitely NOT running shoes (or appropriate for any intense athletic activity, actually) due to their lack of lateral support and simple, flat soles. Besides, you really wouldn’t want to get these unique, eye-catching shoes wet or muddy, or even sweaty for that matter (especially my bright “Liberty Blue/Skyline Grey” pair)! Shoes from People Footwear are designed to be worn in casual situations in the pursuit of leisure (is that an oxymoron?), and the Cypress are a leader in that category. They are an excellent choice for hanging out post-race or kicking back on your off day, while staying warm in your favorite cozy jacket.

Annette (Phillips Knit): 

I have been on a quest for a pair of casual shoes that I could wear with jeans instead of always wearing my running shoes, so I was excited to try out People Footwear. The Phillips Knit shoes fit the bill! They are casual, they come in tons of colors, they are really comfortable, and they go great with a casual pair of jeans.

The first thing I noticed about these shoes is how light-weight they are. I’m pretty sure these are the lightest shoes I’ve ever worn. I love that about them! When I put them on they felt surprisingly cushy. The “removable SuperCush sock-liner” is amazing. It gives them a super comfortable feel and the raised lines on them almost make you feel like you are getting a mini foot massage while you walk. There is no bulkiness or false support inside these shoes, so they are very similar to minimalist running shoes, but for your not-so-athletic endeavors – like shopping. The other feature I like about these shoes is the knitted upper. It makes these shoes breathable, light, and well-fitting. The area around the ankle is stretchy and kept my heel from slipping around – as it tends to do in some shoes. These are now my go-to casual shoes. The only problem I have is that the red shoes don’t go with all of my outfits. I guess I’ll have to ask Santa for a few more colors!

Note: These shoes were true to my non-running shoe size. They only come in whole sizes, so adjust accordingly!

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Thank you to People Footwear for providing us with test shoes. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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