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Organizing 2017 with the UPstudio Planner

2017 UPstudio Planner Weekly Layout - RunOregon

Daily/Weekly Page

Run Oregon sometimes receives products to review and was sent an UPstudio Planner to start planning for 2017.  My favorite holiday of the year is New Year's Day. There is just something about tossing aside the previous 365 days and being able to start with a clean slate. And each new year comes with a series of new "resolutions" and goals. For many of us, those quickly come and go, often not because of a lack of desire, but due to a lack of organization and follow-through. So let's talk organization.

I would venture a guess that the majority of us have a smart phone of some sort. Pull up the app store and there are dozens and dozens of calendar, task, and organization apps for purchase. I have found it personally pretty daunting to find the one that currently works for me. And while digital is seemingly the way to go on these sorts of things, I will be the first to say that I am starting to feel the strain (physical and mental) of everything being on my phone.

The more I try to get organized digitally, the more I become glued to my phone. A quick check of my task list often leads me down a wormhole of emails, Facebook, and gaming. That’s not exactly efficient. This year I want to try something “old school” – bringing back the good ol’ pencil and paper to organize, not only my life, but my running life as well. UPstudio sent us their planner to check out, and I am already excited about its features. First, a little about how they came to be.

[In] December 2014 we were showing off our new planners for the upcoming year and quickly realized that we both struggle every year with finding one that has everything that we want. We hated that we always had to sacrifice something. This founded UPstudio. Since then we have been working diligently to create a planner that incorporates everything we desire (we aren’t too selfish, we also solicited a lot of input from family, friends, and a focus group). Our goal was to create a planner that is affordable, attractive, versatile, and fit for people in all walks of life. We feel we did just that, check out the UPstudio Planner and let us know what you think.

Throughout this process we realized that we had a lot of other great ideas to explore outside of just planners. So, we decided to not limit ourselves. Our ever-growing product line has expanded to include a collection of everyday cards, a curated collection of vintage desk supplies, a desk calendar, journals, sticky pads, fun accessories, and pencils.  We also have tons of other new ideas in the works that we are really excited about. Our goal is to always provide high quality yet affordable and versatile products.

UPstudio has just started a blog post series of ‘The Best Planner for…’ and I feel a viable future post could be one regarding this planner’s use for tracking fitness and running goals.

UPstudio Goals Page

Features I like:

  • Simplicity
    • There isn’t a whole lot of fluff with this planner. It has lots of space, but leaves it up to the user to define how to utilize that space. There are lots of blank space for writing and a healthy amount of graphed areas (both at the bottom of weekly pages and 54 pages at the back of the planner) for all your tracking needs.
      • Daily Time Schedule section
        • Utilizes 6am-7pm and takes up about 40% of the overall page. There are no unnecessary lines, so you can utilize as you see fit – though space is relatively limited
      • Monthly Goals section
        • This section is straightforward. Before each month, there are two blank pages where you can write your goals. I appreciate that it doesn’t try to push me in one direction or another – it just leaves the space for me to utilize as I wish. Whether your goals may be in regards to writing paragraph-long goal mantras or bullet-pointed and specific numbers, it just lets you be to organize as you see fit.
  •  Customization
    • One of the problems I have always found with finding a viable planner has been the challenge with finding one that I can make work for me, not something that I have to adapt my organization into. Those types of planners and organization tools are destined to fail – and historically have, in my case. I love that there are three rows of essentially blank boxes under each day, where I can choose what I want to do with them. A great part about the way the weekly layout is set up is that the categories can change from week to week. Here are some ideas:
      • Running Mileage
      • Nutrition / Food /Menu tracking or planning
      • Planning out weekly workouts / mileage training
      • Family/Child appointments
    • The graph area underneath is also a great place to customize and is meant for versatility and not defined to a certain day of the week. It seems like it would be great for shopping lists or simply a weekly to-do section. Or shoot, use it as a doodle area to create some awesome mazes while in a work meeting!
  • Details
    • As mentioned above, there are 54 pages of graphs at the back of the planner. I just realized that they have page numbers – which will make it awesome and easy to make a note during the week of what page to refer to in the back!
    • Two ribbons for bookmarking
    • Thick paper (70 lb, apparently), which should hold up to most pens and pencils without bleeding through
    • Small folders on front and back covers

UPstudio monthly page

What may not work for you:

  • The UPstudio may be more difficult to utilize if you need lots of space to plan out your work day. There is ample room in the daily times section, but if you have large handwriting and/or many appointments, you may feel you don’t have enough room. As someone who is required to have a digital work calendar, I won’t be doing much workday scheduling within this section so I anticipate having more than enough room.
  • The planner is also created to look like a book. It is artfully crafted (with Smyth Sewn Binding), and actually does a really good job at laying flat and not committing page space to be swallowed up by the spine. But it doesn’t lay completely flat, as something with a large wire binding may allow.

Overall, I am very excited to get to work planning my 2017 running and life organization. I don’t completely know how my tracking will go over the course of the year, but I do know that the UPstudio planner seems to ensure that any changes can be accommodated. If you want to check a page out before committing to purchase, UPstudio offers a free download page.

Dimensions: 6.25″ wide, 9.25″ tall, 0.75″ thick

Buy:$40 at Upstudio (Amazon link)


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