What Run Oregon is Trying: Nomadik Box (DISCOUNT CODE)

Image result for nomadik I'm a big fan of subscription boxes. I enjoy the premise that they just show up at your doorstep and don't require the hassle of physically going to the store. It's basically the ultimate introverts dream! In addition to that, the box items are customized to fit the consumer. So while the actual items in the box will be different each time, you can guarantee there will be something in there that can be put to good use. Also, the idea of opening a box without knowing its exact contents feels a bit like Christmas morning, which is exactly how it felt when I opened up the Nomadik box.

A Nomadik subscription box features unique & multi-functional outdoor products that have all been tested first hand & given a “stamp-of-approval” by world-class adventurers. Each box contains a combination of high-end gear (ex: audio, 2 way radios, portable power), tools and accessories (ex: skincare, fire starting, cookware), or educational/inspirational products (ex: survival tips, travel guides, heath and safety). Nomadik was created with the goal of motivating “people to get outside by delivering gear and inspirational/educational items to help people find the best places to explore.”

What’s in the box? This was the contents of my Nomadik box:

MPowerd Luci EMRG, retail price approx. $12.00

A pocket-sized lantern, flashlight, and emergency light all-in-one. The waterproof, lightweight, and extremely durable Luci EMRG needs only the sunlight to stay charged, and is reliable during storms, blackouts, roadside trouble, or whenever you need light.

Lulabop Qliplet, retail price approx. $20.00

The Qliplet is a modified carabiner with a rotating, folding hook that hangs or rests just about anywhere, and is designed to keep your hands free so that you can do more in your life. The carabiner is made of lightweight, aircraft grade aluminum and can hold up to 50lbs.

HydraPak SF 750, retail price approx. $22.00

The HydraPak is a lighweight, flexible, and easy to carry collapsible performance bottle. The patented, spill-proof, self-sealing, bite-valve generates an exceptional water flow and is easy to remove for cleaning. The sport cap also features a lockout dial with easy to read graphics for leak-proof transport. This bottle is designed for running, biking, skiing, climbing, and every sport in between.

To get an additional snapshot of the products included in a Nomadik box, the official Nomadik site allows you to peruse the contents of boxes from prior months.

There are 3 subscription options:

  • 1 box for $30, billed monthly
  • 3 boxes for $28 per box, billed quarterly
  • 6 boxes for $26 per box, billed semi annually (best value)

All subscriptions renew automatically, and you cancel anytime. You can also give the Nomadik box as a gift. A portion of each sale is donated to preserve the environment. 

Use code RUNOREGON for 15% off any pricing option

If you order by 11/14 and you could get a FREE Grayl X Roark Purifier Bottle ($80). Nomadik is giving away 10 bottles to randomly selected customers. This is a game-changing french-press style water bottle & filter that removes 99.999% of disease-causing bacteria, protozoan cysts, viruses, and heavy metals.

Nomadik FAQ’s can be viewed here.

If you’re an adventurer at heart like myself, I think you will truly appreciate the Nomadik box. The products included are all high quality and are guaranteed to enhance any outdoor experience.

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