Kickstarter of the Week: The Libre Sweater by Cotopaxi

Company: Cotopaxi
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Pledge Goal: $20,000 (WILL BE FUNDED)
Current Pledges: $99

We have reviewed a few items by Cotopaxi (Jacket and Daypack), so we were excited to see a few of their newest item show up on Kickstarter – The Libre Sweater – a simple, yet stylish llama fiber top that is perfect for cooler PNW temperatures. It looks super comfortable and sort of has that old-school classic look to it.It will have a trimmer tailored cut to it and will be created with midweight fiber on the front and a breathable back mesh panel. Here is Cotopaxi’s description of the Libre:

We started with a tailored, unisex silhouette for the Libre, and then added raglan sleeves for enhanced mobility. In other words, no restriction while reaching for a climbing hold, zero bunching while stretched out over the handlebars, and no pull while lifting the coffee mug. For the front panel and arms, we’ve employed a buttery-soft, midweight llama knit for year-round wear. We engineered an innovative, breathable knit mesh for the back panel, helping to regulate body temperature by releasing excess heat and moisture vapor. Say goodbye to sweaty back syndrome. Additionally, we beefed up the ribbing on the neck, cuffs, and hem to eliminate the dreadful stretching and sagging that plagues most woolen tops. We then rounded out the design by adding double-reinforced seams throughout to ensure it stands up the loads of use and abuse we encourage you to dish out.

The top itself is made in Bolivia. I know we are always told to “buy local”, but Cotopaxi does a great job at responsibly sourcing their materials. Llama fiber in the Andes area of Bolivia is how many Bolivian families make the money. Cotopaxi works closely with them to “develop a supply chain that focuses on the animals’ well-being, improves people’s lives, and minimizes our impact on the environment. Members of our team regularly visit suppliers to ensure that we’re creating a lasting, positive impact on communities in the region by responsibly sourcing the fiber that goes into our products.” I can stand behind that.

You can pledge for $99 currently and save upwards of $40 of their future retail price.

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