What Run Oregon is Wearing: Clothing from Ecoths and Aventura

Run Oregon sometimes receives products to review and was sent some styles from each to try out for the Fall season ahead. Clearly, the items of clothing featured in this post aren’t all that running related. But they definitely fit into a Pacific Northwesterners sensibilities.


Impressions: Cooper Shirt Jacket (Facebook) *Reviewed by Matt*

Ecōths, pronounced, “Ecos” is the harmonious blend of two words; Eco and Ethos and these two words are at the epicenter of the meaning of the brand. The foundation of Ecōths is combining natural fabrics with style, comfort, and personality, while at the same time accentuating and shaping one’s character and guiding beliefs and ideals towards community, and a better place to live.

Ecōths uses natural fibers and is unparalleled with unique styling details and our approach to develop a brand with a true SOUL. We sought out to combine the urban fashion elements with rugged outdoor influence into one cohesive brand that combines style, community, and goodness.

– Photo via Ecoths (this is not yours truly)

Ecoths’ hoodies, pullovers, and shirts definitely can find their way into the casual closet of any number of Oregon closets. The Cooper Shirt Jacket, with its organic cotton flannel construction and fleece lined interior, looks to be a possible necessity for any self-respecting Oregonian outdoorsman. I mean, it’s flannel…

Only recently have I come to appreciate the true benefit of the jacket. It seems that with the recent arrival of Fall, the rain and wind have decided to appear as well. A few of my afternoon and evening runs have started in decent weather, but then turned into a chilly, drizzly, and gusty mess. Randomly, I had the jacket in my car and I decided to toss it on post-run to warm up. Bam – I was greeted to great wind-blocking and warmth right away. Now it’s been my recent go-to when I suspect some wind in the forecast.

Aside from wearing pre- and post-run (which is probably not really the idea of the jacket), it looks pretty great for any casual outdoor activity – from football games to camping to raking leaves. As someone who generally wears larges, I found that a medium fit quite well, especially since I plan on only wearing lightweight t-shirts underneath. However, if I had a plan to incorporate heavier baselayers (such as sweaters or knit tops, I would probably consider sizing up. The price tag is definitely a bit hefty, but it appears well-constructed and like it is in it for the long haul.

Impressions: Brooklyn Tunic *Reviewed by Annette*

Aventura’s mission combines sustainable fabrics, environmental stewardship, and contributing to communities. Based in the beautiful Sierra Nevada’s, we design, make and sell comfortable clothing with an active focus while being thoughtful to both people and the environment.


-Photo via Aventura

The Brooklyn Tunic is a great fall piece for any wardrobe. The lightweight hacci knit makes this a warm top that isn’t bulky. While the 32 inch length is a bit longer than I prefer, it goes great over leggings or skinny jeans. If you are hoping to hide any “imperfections,” this top does just that with its loose but structured fit. I found the sleeve length and cut to be just right. The straight cut allows for movement without feeling constricted and it fell just below my wrist so that it didn’t look too short (or too long.) The top has a cowl neck, which I usually avoid, but it was relaxed enough that it didn’t feel huge and bulky around my neck. It just gave it a comfy, cozy look.

As for comfort, the Brooklyn Tunic got it right. I felt warm and comfortable on a cool fall day. The organic cotton and cotton loop back terry knit is a good combination. It has a casual feel with a dressy casual look. As we are heading into the cooler seasons here in the Pacific Northwest, I am happy to having this tunic in my wardrobe. I’m sure I will wear it often. Fortunately, it appears to be well-made and seems that it will hold up well to the demands of the season.

Impressions: The Collette Pant *Reviewed by Kate*


I absolutely love the Collette pant.  They’re comfortable like sweatpants but with a dressier (read: acceptable to wear in public) vibe – almost seeming to mimic denim.  The wide waistband helps hold everything in, avoiding lumps and bumps, and the large front pockets are perfect for holding phones or keys in a seated or standing position.

I’ve worn these pants with sneakers, boots, and flip flops.  I’ve worn them on an airplane trip, on errands and even to a yoga class!  The length is perfect.  I usually have trouble finding pants that are the right length for me (usually everything is too long), but these fall just where they should.  These pants are versatile, comfortable and cute.  I especially love that the cuffs don’t hug the ankle, allowing them to look less like sweatpants and more like regular pants.  The added detail at the knees makes them even more perfect for everyday wear.

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