Race Preview: 2016 McDonald Forest Trail Run 15K

Trail runners are a different breed because being in nature and on often uneven terrain is a wildly different experience than the average road race. Many times, the leaders on the dirt are not ones you see in town very often. McDonald Forest in Corvallis is one of those running destinations I have heard of many times but have yet to have a chance to explore. The McDonald Forest Trail Run, timed by Eclectic Edge Racing on October 30th has a 15K and 5K option.

The races start at 10, and it is recommended that participants carpool and arrive early due to limited space. There are two packet pickup options, at 5 Star Sports the day before from noon to 4 or before the race after 8:30 until 15 minutes before gun time. The terrain is described as single track trails and logging roads while it is said that the 15K climbs over 1400 feet.

The event has a limit of 350 people, so registering beforehand is recommended, which you can do at this link. Registering by the 10th will net you a shirt with the entry fee for $42. The price is $10 less with no shirt, but waiting until event day will set you back $35 and will not include  a shirt.

Awards will be given to the overall and masters winners, as well as the fastest in each age bracket. It was good to see fellow blogger Joe Dudman has his name in the record book for the 5K race. Just note, this is a Sunday race, perfect for a little time in the church of running and the 10 am late start means a greater chance of arriving well rested.

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  1. “Registering by the 10th will net you a shirt with the entry fee for $42.” Maybe this preview should have been posted before the 10th?

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