What Run Oregon is Trying: Mobot Foam Roller Water Bottle

Company: Mobot

MOBOT is the world’s first and only foam roller water bottle, delivering hydration and massage in one portable, eco-friendly package. Now your mind, body and conscience can feel good, everywhere you go.

The MOBOT is one toteable tool. Foam rollers — usually found in your gym, physical therapists office or relegated to the living room corner — can now go everywhere and anywhere you do in the form of a MOBOT.

Product: 40oz “Big Bertha” ($64); 27oz “Grace” ($54); 18oz “Firecracker” ($39)

Color: Big Bertha available in 11 colors, Grace in 9 colors, Firecracker in 3 colors.

Features (from website):

  • Construction
    • Non-toxic, non-leaching 18/8 FDA-approved recycled stainless steel
    • BPA-free
    • Thickest steel on the market
    • Easy-clean rounded edges
    • Sustainably made in Taiwan in an ISO-approved factory
    • Wide mouth for ice cubes
  • Lid & Straw
    • BPA-free
    • Leak-proof
    • Strong suction delivers a mouth-full of water
    • Silent: no slurping or chirping noises
    • Goes all the way to the bottom
    • Sturdy construction
    • Easy-carry loop
  • Foam
    • Non-toxic EVA foam
    • Athlete-grade
    • Washable
    • Heat-pressed to bottle: no slippage
    • Insulates beverages
    • Hand-crafted colors
  • Bottle Collar
    • Non-slip, easy-grip collar helps for a no-dribble drink


Over the past years I have gotten used to always having a water bottle with me when traveling in the car, going on hikes, or other activities. Inevitably, someone in my family will have forgotten their water, and a bottle big enough to share is convenient. High quality, stainless steel, and unique looking water bottles are my preference, since they won’t crack when I drop them, and a unique design will ensure that it is returned to me if I leave it behind somewhere.

I got to test out the 27oz “Grace” bottle in the dark “purple reign” color. The bottle comes with two different lids: One is a simple screw off lid to drink straight from the bottle, the other has a flip-up mouthpiece and a straw within the bottle. Since I was first trying out this bottle in the van during the Hood to Coast relay race, I chose to use the straw lid for now. The 5.5″ diameter of the bottle allowed me to have it up front in my cupholder and take drinks without having to take my eyes of the road. While stopped in traffic I used the foam roller to roll out my thighs, and while waiting at exchanges I loosened up my calves. The bottle, and thus the roller, was never far from me, since I was relying on it for appropriate hydration. The foam outside kept my water ice cold, and the uncovered metal bottom was a nice ice pack to also push against my sore muscles.

While I wouldn’t have thought myself that I should combine a foam roller with my water bottle, I found it very convenient during the two-day race. I like the design of the bottle and the fact that it’s insulated, and the foam rolling feature will come in handy after races. Its compact design is convenient, and while I won’t always remember to pack a foam roller on hikes and road trips, if it’s integrated into my bottle, I know I’ll use it more often.

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