What Run Oregon is Wearing: RecoFit compression tights (and discount code!)

Company: RecoFit

Description (from product website):

Athletes are increasingly wearing compression socks or calf sleeves because of their ability to enhance performance, speed recovery and prevent injuries.

Compression’s origins are well-grounded in medicine. Support stockings have long been prescribed post-surgery to assist in venous return and to prevent blood clots. By applying gradient compression from the foot and/or ankle, the blood is encouraged back up the leg to the heart. While one’s body is designed to do this on its own, a little extra help can go a long way.

RecoFit Women’s Compression Tights

Product: Women’s Compression Tights ($144.95)


  • Oxygenation-enhancing Resistex Carbon-based Fabric
  • Disperses Heat and Moisture
  • Gradient Compression
  • Flattering Form Follows Function, Supporting IT Band, Calves and Lower Back
  • Versatile, Comfortable Waistband
  • Flexible, Breathable Mesh Behind Knee


  • Delivers Oxygen Faster to Muscles
  • Lowers Lactic Acid Concentrations
  • Warms Up Muscles Faster
  • Reduces Swelling Post-Exercise and During Travel
  • Improves Performance and Recovery

RecoFitImpressions: I often wear compression socks and like the way they make my feet and calves feel during and after a run. Compression tights seem like a logical next step when I’m asking my legs to work harder than they might be used to (I’m looking at you, overnight relay!). When choosing the size for these tights, I looked at their guidelines by a person’s height and ordered a size large. Putting them on was a bit of a squeeze (as often is the case with compression gear), but once they were on, I barely felt them! Of course there was the gentle overall squeeze (by design), but there was no binding or uncomfortable pressure. The flatlock seams are smooth and don’t scratch. The waist band is extra wide, and per instructions in the product description, can be worn up, folded in half, or folded down in its entirety over your hips. I chose it up for my first run, and while the waistband doesn’t compress, it helps the tights stay where they are and make the transition from compressed to uncompressed area of your body a smooth one.

Since it was a sunny day and approaching 70* already, I was a little concerned about feeling hot in the tights. I shouldn’t have worried since I was able to feel the light breeze through the airy fabric. Despite the dark color and full coverage of my legs, I stayed comfortable and cool. In the past, the hotter it gets, the less coverage I would want on my legs, but with these tights it keeps the sun’s rays off my skin as well, keeping me cool and unburnt. Overall I’m really impressed with these tights and look forward to using them in different conditions throughout the year.

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