What Run Oregon is Wearing: Tracksmith (and how to win $250 in free gear)

Run Oregon sometimes receives products to review. In this post, Run Oregon’s Matt and Rachel provide a review of some pieces from Tracksmith.


Products & Specs:

  • Van Cortlandt Singlet (men and women) – $65
    • Colors – Navy, Antique White, and Pink
 Impressions (Matt):
I have been intrigued with Tracksmith’s really cool running line for about a year now. They have some really classy gear that almost look plucked out of an Ivy League or old school Boston Marathon photo. I was ecstatic to be allowed to try a pair.

As has been noted in most of my short reviews this year, I am relatively new to the land of running shorts – having been a basketball shorts convert within the past 12 months. I am coming around more and more with each pair I am trying. The Tracksmith Run Cannonball Run shorts should prove a valuable crossover pair and seems perfect for mixing in a little fun with my runs.

These shorts are described as:

…built from a poly-elastane blend with a hydrophobic finish that repels water and dries quickly once wet, while the liner is a light and fast-drying nylon blend. But all you need to know is that the whole thing was built with the express intention of getting wet, then getting dry again, lickety-split.


This is just exciting. Last summer I took a trip to Huntington Beach and earlier this Spring, I was in Santa Monica for work. These would have been PERFECT, as I remember lamenting the fact halfway through my runs that it would be awesome to take a dip and then run back. But I knew that would be a mistake, as running in wet shorts is a recipe for chafing and discomfort. The Run Cannonball shorts would have done the trick, as they are designed to dry quickly. I haven’t had the opportunity to wear them in a body of water for testing purposes yet, but I have used them in sprinklers and found that they did indeed dry quickly – especially in the warm weather. Can’t wait to pack these to next month’s Maui trip!

As far as the singlet goes, my initial description above seems to stand true. From their website:

The Tracksmith sash is inspired by the Cornell track and field teams of the late 1800’s, the members of which traditionally earned a sash with points scored either individually or as part of a relay team at the Ivy League Championships. From the symbolic sash to our 2:09 Mesh and highly considered construction details, the Van Cortlandt singlet represents the convergence of tradition, style and performance.

The singlet really looks fantastic, especially paired with the Cannonball shorts. It’s really such a stylish and classy look – simple with a little bit of understated flair. It is cut on the slim side, so sizing up may be necessary if you want or need more room. It’s not as long as I would generally have liked for someone my size (6’2), especially when the side slits go up an inch or two – making it feel a bit shorter than it actually is. but it wasn’t that big of a dealbreaker.

It also feels ridiculously good as well. The open-weave mesh material is very breathable and I found it extremely light. In the mid-summer heat, this has been my go-to piece due to it keeping me feeling light and stretchy without weighing me down to excess sweat.

Overall, Tracksmith met my expectations, on both style and function. Some may find the price tags a bit on the high side, but quality made products really are a sound investment.

Impressions (Rachel):

I had never heard of Tracksmith before so when I initially took a look at their products, I was extremely excited. Their clothing design appears to be a mix of preppy meets sporty. I could easily see mixing and matching the outfits to wear for both running and out casually to run errands. I got to try out the Waban shorts in the slate color. These shorts do also come in 3 other colors, ranging in sizes Extra Small to Large. The site’s description of the Waban shorts is listed as:

…a luxurious seamless brief and incredibly lightweight stretch fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin. The deeper side splits allow for full range of motion at top speed. An internal key pocket is built into the liner.

The Waban shorts include a flippable red and white waistband which, in my opinion, gives it an even more cool, vintage look. The shorts fit me perfectly and were not too short or too long. I also appreciated that the side split didn’t go up too high on the leg. The Wabans were lightweight and I did not experience any chaffing whatsoever. The internal key pocket is a huge plus since I don’t particularly like running with my keys in my hand, but often find myself doing. With looks and feel of the Waban shorts in mind, I would honestly get a pair of these in every color offered, that’s how much I like them.

The Van Cortlandt Singlet, however, was another story. I wanted so badly for the singlet to fit me, but it was just a bit too baggy and boxy for me. The material at the armpits also did not fit me correctly as the material there stuck outwards. Despite how the singlet fit, I still wanted to see how running in it would go. I tucked the extra material at the armpit area into my sports bra, making the less than ideal fit a little less noticeable. The singlet performed just as well as I thought it would, as it is made of a lightweight mesh material, offering breathable comfort on warmer days. Style wise, I love the overall look. The “sash” on the white singlet appears as more of a tan color than the picture on the website shows. The women’s Van Cortlandt Singlet comes in 3 other colors, ranging in sizes Extra Small to Large.

Overall impressions: I love the look and feel of the Tracksmith products, and despite the singlet not fitting me correctly, I would love to be the proud owner of everything on their web-site. The one drawback for some, myself included, would probably be the price. Otherwise, I think the company has succeeded in offering up some incredibly stylish, functional, high quality athletic gear.

Until August 31, 2016, Tracksmith is currently running their “PR Bonus” promotion. Between now and the start of September, anyone who sets a new PR wearing an article of Tracksmith gear, and submits a photo of themselves in it, can win $250 in Tracksmith credit!

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