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Run Oregon sometimes receives products to review. In this post, Run Oregon's bloggers provide a review of some pieces from Terramar. Company: Terramar Sports Description: 

In 1971 Terramar Sports was established with one goal in mind. To provide outdoor enthusiasts with products that offer the perfect combination of form, fit and function. We firmly believe the key to staying warm, dry and comfortable in all conditions and activities starts at the base layer. For over forty years Terramar has been dedicated to utilizing the finest natural and synthetic fibers, fabrics and technologies to deliver what the customer needs. From the inside out.

Women’s Reflex Tank by Terramar


I received a Reflex Tank from Terramar recently and immediately put it on for my bike ride. It was super cute and fit comfortably. The fabric was light and stretchy and though the tank was fitted, it was not restrictive. I fell in love with the comfortable fabric from the start. The side pocket was much larger than it appeared. I was able to easily fit my phone into the pocket, but quickly realized that the stretchy fabric was not made to carry heavy items. I would recommend the pocket for things like gels, your house/car key, or other lighter items. The tank was a great weight for a bike ride on a warm day.

As soon as I washed the Reflex Tank, I broke it out for a run. It was a warm afternoon and the tank was the perfect choice for the 70 degree day. The tank is longer and I found myself pulling it up a bit, as it felt a little longer than I was used to. Besides that, I didn’t notice the top at all. No rubbing seams, no uncomfortable cut under the arms, and the fabric breathed well. It was a great running tank! Since I sweat like a dude, I was impressed with the wicking and quick-drying feature of the fabric. After my run, the tank wasn’t drenched, but in fact, made me look like I had sweat more like a Hollywood star – if stars sweat, that is. Way to go, Terramar! Thanks for making me look good.

The Reflex Tank sells for $45 on the Terramar website.


Women’s Reflex Shorts

I’ve been having a difficult time finding women’s running shorts that are long enough to not ride up on the leg (causing chafing) and that are short and cool enough for hot weather running. The Terramar Reflex Shorts have a 6″ inseam, and the fabric is soft and stretchy. My first trial was to wear them around the house for a while, which they passed without any problems. The next day I took them out on a short run with my pre-teen. During the first half mile, the waistband (which doesn’t have drawstrings and is not adjustable)  started settling downward and I kept wanting to fix it. But when I let it be and left it where it wanted to be, it was comfortable and didn’t slide down any more. The legs stayed where they were, giving my legs comfortable coverage without any chafing. The shorts feature a zippered pocket in the waistband on the back side, which is great for keys and a tissue, but due to the soft fabric not ideal for something heavier like your phone. Overall I’m very happy with these shorts.

The Reflex Shorts sell on the Terramar website for $35.


Microcool Tank


I tested out the Terramar Microcool Tank 

Terramar Sports $30

I was a little surprised to get this tank top delivered, though it’s always fun to get packages. I didn’t realize I was on the list to test out a Terramar Tank and with a closet already stuffed with workout tops, I wasn’t that enthusiastic, to be completely honest. I’ve been trying to follow Marie Kondo’s Japanese art of decluttering and organizing and making sure everything I have sparks joy. The ‘Bluebird’ blue tank top didn’t exactly spark joy at first sight since it’s not really my color, but that’s where the negativity ends. It’s not enough to say this tank impressed me, I seriously love it.   The fabric is super light, so light you would think it’s going to be see-through, but it’s not. It just feels good to touch, smooth and silky and it covers well.

While it was my ‘size’ technically, when I held it up I was a little concerned it would be too tight, but the fabric stretches nicely without looking stretched out. The cut is flattering and,most importantly, the fabric is amazingly comfortable. I wish I could say it kept me cool on my runs, I still was a sweaty mess, but the fabric dries super fast. It was definitely much cooler than most blends out there and I feel like I’ve tried them all. I’m in love with this tank top and eyeing a printed one on their website, which says something. If this girl who has enough tanks to workout for the rest of my life is looking to buy another one, this is a find. It definitely sparks joy and has earned a spot in my closet. I’m excited I somehow made the tank top testing list, otherwise I would have missed out.


Joe: Men’s Microcool Short-sleeve Crew in Safety Orange ($30)

Men’s Microcool Short-sleeve Crew

My bright orange shirt is a great combination of technical features, high-quality construction, and unobtrusive comfort. Comprised of panels of two different fabrics, the shirt has a smooth and soft front and sleeves, with slightly more open and breathable areas at the back, sides, shoulders, and underarms. The stitching is reinforced and sturdy, and the shirt boasts a subtly tailored fit, while not feeling at all restrictive. Other nice features include a padded seam at the back of the neck, a hanging loop, and washing instructions printed directly on the fabric at the lower inside back of the shirt. A small tag identifies the city, month, and year of manufacture.

While the bright orange color and the obviously advanced fabrics and construction make the shirt stand out visually, once you put it on and start your run, you hardly notice you’re wearing it, because of the excellent fit, light weight, and the cooling and breathable materials. The sizing seems to run slightly larger than normal, so you may want to go down one size. I’ve worn the shirt in a steady rain and in warm dry weather, and it handled both conditions very well, fending off external drizzle and internal sweat with equal aplomb!

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